Another Trudeau nationalizes Canada’s oil industry

Justin Trudeau's government announced it would buy Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain pipeline.

Of all the things that I could have predicted Justin Trudeau to do, nationalizing part of Canada’s oil industry wasn’t one of them.

I’ve been a tough critic of Trudeau, and for good reason, but I never thought I would see this happen. On Tuesday morning, Trudeau’s dynamic duo of Finance Minister Bill Morneau and Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr, made the announcement.

“Make no mistake, this is an investment in Canada’s future,” Morneau said as he announced the $4.5 billion purchase.

Not only is the federal government finishing the expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline, they are buying the existing pipeline. And they will build a new one.

Morneau the pipeline builder.

Welcome to the new way business is done in Trudeau’s Canada, the government builds it for you. Morneau even bragged what this would mean for future foreign investment.

“To investors who are considering Canada as a place to build big, important, transformational projects like the Trans Mountain expansion, we want you to know that you have a partner in Ottawa,” Morneau said.

Over and over again he used the term national interest to explain why the project would now get built. It was as if he felt by saying it, he could make it true.

As the industry has been pointing out all day, this project was in the national interest before the pipeline purchase. How does it change now that the feds will own it?

Will the court cases go away? No.

Does BC Premier John Horgan give up his fight? No.

Will the protesters threatening civil disobedience and violence to stop the protests go away? Hell no.

So what has changed?

Nothing other than we all own a pipeline built in the 1950s along with the promise to build a new one. Except that promise to build a new one comes from a federal government that will not act.

Do you really expect that Justin Trudeau will order the RCMP or military to protect the pipeline and arrest protesters that lay down in the path of construction equipment?

No, as soon as people like that show up, flanked by one of the First Nations groups that opposed this pipeline, Trudeau will cave.

By the way, ever notice that to most of the media, the dozens of First Nations groups that agree with this pipeline and will benefit don’t count?

Another Trudeau nationalizes oil in Canada.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer blasted the deal as another Trudeau nationalizing another part of the oil sector, just like his father.

“This is a very, very sad day for Canada’s energy sector. The message that is being sent to the world is that in order to get a big project build in this country, the federal government has to nationalize a huge aspect of it,” Scheer said in the foyer of the House of Commons.

The NDP, the Greens, all sides really are blasting this deal.

This never had to happen. Kinder Morgan wanted to spend their own money to build and operate this pipeline. There is a solid business case to do so. But not without certainty that the thing could actually get built.

That is where the federal failure kicks in.

Justin Trudeau should have exercised his authority, as head of the federal government, to assert federal jurisdiction. Trudeau didn’t do that of course because he has been trying to play both sides. He didn’t want to lose votes in British Columbia’s Lower Mainland but he didn’t want to seem anti-oil.

So he waffled.

Then he delayed.

Then he bought something that he claims lots of people are willing to pay for.

If he had investors, Trudeau would have brought them in. Instead he bought the thing and sent a bad signal to international investors.

Like I said, I never would have predicted this. I am a regular and strong critic of Trudeau but even I could not have predicted this disaster.

Watch Below as Trudeau defends the purchase.


  1. It will be as big a failure as his father’s attempt – look to see the west seriously consider leaving

  2. When it comes to economics Trudeau does not know if he is punched or bore. In short his ignorance about important issues like energy and free speech make him a danger to our secular democracy. Get him back to his part time jobs where he is harmless.

  3. People say that we are nationalizing the pipeline to “get it done”, but it was the liberal government who sabotaged “getting it done” in the first place. So are the liberals now doing an about-face by buying the pipeline? In other words, they realized they made a mistake and are now going to make sure the twinning is done? I doubt it. This doesn’t make any sense. It would be quite scandalous if the libs spent 4.5 of our tax dollars to buy votes, with no intention of following through.
    I’m also not sure if the 7.4 billion to “complete the project” is in addition to the 4.5 to buy the original pipeline or if it is the total cost.
    Also, they say that KM will start building the twin pipeline immediately and then stop in August. So the government is just going to find some other company in 2 months to start work on the pipeline? None of this really adds up.

  4. This is just sick. More government intervention, control in the private sector…more debt…wonder what’s really going on here…let’s see how this plays out…what Quebec companies are involved…nothing gets done in Ottawa unless it benefits Quebec and the franco nazis running our nation…this is how things have been run since daddy came into power…sick, but true…

  5. On all honesty, that bunch of dimwits couldn’t build an outhouse never mind a pipeline.

  6. I would like to know who will be paying the court costs and legal challenges,will it be the moron Turdeau and Morneau out of their own pockets or the Taxpayer,You can only 2 guesses

  7. I agree with you entirely…if Trudeau does not bring in the military, then this will really blow up in aTrudeaus face and really make Canada look bad…..also, using force against First Nations will get negative global media coverage and will make us look bad…I vote for the use of the military or else the rule of law does not mean anything where a handful of activists can face down a government and stop billion dollar projects

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