March 25

BTN Bites – Liberal gun control legislation not based in facts


They like to claim that their legislation and policy decisions are based on facts, on evidence and on science. But the gun legislation introduced by Justin Trudeau’s Liberals this week is based on emotions and obfuscation.
Veteran researcher Dennis Young has been asking the government for information on the evidence that their gun legislation would keep Canadians safer and found they had nothing.

I discussed problems with the legislation here and here. This legislation is mostly political theatre with a strong dose of hurting democracy thrown in. Read the articles to see what I mean.

But when if comes to backing up the claims that the gun legislation will make us safer, well that is where Young comes in.

He has filed several access to information requests asking for the evidence the government is using to back up the claims in their gun control reforms. In this instance, Young asked for evidence over the last several years and over two successive governments that the classification and reclassification of firearms had made Canadians safer. They found nothing.

Then he asked a series of questions seeking evidence for Canada’s firearms legislation working and making Canadians safer and the department found no records.

That should be shocking.

When government propose tax cuts they are asked for evidence that the cuts will work, the media demands to see it. Change the rules for millions of law abiding gun owners and do it while claiming that you are stopping gang violence and apparently you can get a pass.

Listen to my full interview with Dennis Young here.


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