Doug Ford winning annoys The Star and that makes me happy

The Toronto Star is worried that the Ontario PC Party just handed the leadership to the wrong man.

That makes me happy.

I din’t pick sides in the leadership race and any of the four candidates could have beaten Kathleen Wynne’s incompetent Liberals. But upsetting The Red Star always makes me happy.

Make no mistake, had Christine Elliott won, the so-called moderate choice would have been re-branded by now as “right wing nut job” and deemed unfit for any elected office by the same media folks now mourning that the PCs didn’t make the sensible choice.

Remember, these media folks have a horrible track record. I should know, I’m one of them but I don’t follow the pack and my track record is actually quite good.

So today we have a series of columns lamenting Ford as leader. It is to be expected in place like The Globe and Mail or the Star but not really in the pages of the Ottawa Sun where columnist Rick Gibbons has declared Ford’s win a disaster.

Well, it could have been worse. Patrick Brown could have made a spectacular 11th hour re-entry into the PC leader’s race by crashing Elon Musk’s cherry-red Tesla Space Roadster through the skylight knocking out the party’s only Commodore 64, thus necessitating a campaign restart. That would have been worse, right?

That’s quite the opening for a column from nominally conservative leaning newspaper. From there Gibbons goes on to push all the received wisdom about how Ford is too brash, not a team player.

None of that is the question before us. The question now is can Doug Ford win the provincial election and defeat Kathleen Wynne?

The answer is abso-freaking-lutely!

Now a caveat here is that campaigns matter, all sides can make mistake and events dear boy, events!

I’m not saying at this point that Ford will win but he definitely can and if things remain the same, no major developments, he will win.

I don’t expect Gibbons to be buoyed by that my old Sun colleague honestly sounds like he would prefer another round with Wynne and the Liberals. Hopefully that is just emotion the day after the race and Rick regains his senses.

The Star has already laid out their line of attack for the coming campaign, cuts, healthcare and abortion. Kathleen Wynne was much the same on Twitter the day after Ford’s victory.

Absolutely voters face a stark choice, they can continue on the path of deceit, corruption and incompetence or voters can give someone new a chance to fix the mess that Wynne has made Ontario. A province perpetually in red ink, where hallway healthcare has become the norm and where jobs are something that leave on the first truck out of town.

These are the reasons Doug Ford can win and likely will win come June 7th.


  1. Point #1, Nov 2016 showed, the media is clueless when it comes to having a pulse on the people. Point #2, Ford is the most dangerous candidate to the bully Wynne. He WILL WIN a number of seats in 416 GUARANTEED, not to mention the damage he can do in the 905. Both of which have been seas of Liberal Red for past 15 years. Granted he may lose a few Red Tories, but he will also gain a substantial chunk of the working class and union folks traditionally found under the Orange or Red umbrella. He’s a threat not only to our supreme bully at the helm of Queen’s Park, but also Andrea whats-her-name in the peanut gallery.

    I hope we all remember to thank Chelsea Nash, Amanda Easton and last but not least, the CTV News trio of Lisa LaFlamme, Glen McGregor and Rachel Aiello. Without them, this would definitely not have been possible. A HUGE SHOUTOUT to them!!! XOXOXOX !!

  2. “any of the four candidates could have beaten Kathleen Wynne’s incompetent Liberals”…an empty chair could beat Wynne in the next election….lol

    • The conservatives have badly underestimated the liberals several elections in a row. They certainly should win but I wouldn’t be counting any chickens until they’ve hatched.

  3. I am 100% behind Doug Ford and believe he is exactly the person to do the job Ontario needs. Now after so many years of the Liberal foolishness. I believe that small towns as well as the big cities will benefit from this P C government led by Doug Ford. In June we must vote to save our province and vote for The Progressive Conservative party.

  4. I am waiting to see if Ford fires mist of the executive. If the incompetent, corrupt Brown appointments mostly stay on then I will vote Alliance. Also if any other nominations are overturned that would be a good sign.

  5. The majority of folks in Ontario have had enough of Wynne, so the question is, how badly damaged will the Liberal Party be ? 2nd place or 3rd, or worse? So, the real question should be, will the PC’s get a solid majority as the should, and we need ? Or could we face a minority government ? Horwath has been written off by far too many people, but, will the unions revert to form and support the NDP ? We saw what happened when Hudak shot off his mouth, and a disaster followed. Dougie Ford certainty says what ever is on his mind.

  6. I couldn’t believe how fast The Star came out of the gate with a Ford smear campaign. Every boogeyman they could think of was immediately thrown at Doug – makes me convinced they had the ink already written and waiting. I’m happy that they’re afraid.

  7. I’m liking this site for news and commentary, a refreshing change of what’s on offer from the usual sources.

  8. Does it matter to the people of Ontario that they are a population of 14 million people and they have a Provincial debt of 300 Billion dollars ?/ Does it matter to the people of Ontario that their health care system is in crisis !! Does it matter to the people of Ontario that under the governance of the socialist Liberals they have become a have not Province ? Do the people of Ontario remember when Ontario was the powerhouse of Canada and not a have not Province ? Socialism has some meritt but capitalism brings prosperity and freedom !!

  9. I want a Business person to guide us back to a solid ground to yet build upon.

    Politicians are a thing of the past now. They have sucked us dry far too long……. The U.S. has Trump, Russia has Putin.

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