Goodale calls raping and murdering a child a “bad practice”

The murder of Tori Stafford should haunt anyone that has ever heard the details. An 8 year-old girl walking home from school was lured away by Terri-Lynne McClintic who took Tori to her death.

McClintic took this young and innocent girl to her death but worse than that she took Tori to see her boyfriend Michael Stafford.

Stafford repeatedly raped young Tori while McClintic kept watch. Then they killed her.

This was in 2009.

McClintic pled guilty in 2010 and Stafford was found guilty in court in 2012.

I’m not one of Tori’s parents. I never knew the girl or her family. Yet I have difficulty writing about this or thinking about it even all these years later.

So to hear that McClintic has been moved to a “healing lodge” from a jail leaves me gutted.

Like any parent, this is your worst nightmare.

My kids walked home from school at that age. This could have been them.

Government’s can’t stop bad things from happening to any of us but they can take the appropriate steps when bad things do happen.

Is that the case with Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government?

Not in the slightest.

Instead, Ralph Goodale went on CTV’s Power Play and called the horrific murder of Tori Stafford by Terri-Lynne McClintic as a “bad practice.”

That reaction, at the end, calling it a “bad practice” is unforgivable.

I get being on the spot, I get doing live TV and radio, that doesn’t excuse any of this.

Goodale’s statement is beyond the pale.

Liberals hate when you call them soft on crime, what else would you say about calling what McClintic did a “bad practice.”