Goodale sputters as he spins on the Indian conspiracy

The Trudeau government is really trying hard to make people believe that India was behind a conspiracy to embarrass Justin Trudeau while he was on his tour there last week.

Yet Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale showed just how difficult it is to spin that bit of fake news. After Liberal MPs used their majority on the Public Safety and National Security Committee to block an appearance by National Security Advisor Daniel Jean, Goodale got caught in the hallway with reporters.

They had a simple question, why can’t Daniel Jean brief elected members of Parliament on his conspiracy theory when he has already briefed journalists. Goodale doesn’t have a good answer.

Watch him try to spin.


  1. When you are stuck in the mud a sensible person quits spinning their wheels. Ralph is digging a hole and lying to Canadians to cover up for Trudeau and other Liberals that are leading us down a road we don’t want. I used to like and respect Ralph but this government has used him as a buffoon and lightning rod to deflect the lies coming from Ottawa. Ralph……Come home….You’re done.

  2. Good-Ale what a SLEESE BALL.This fossil has been screwing LOYALIST CANADIANS for far too long.The Tytle of “HONERABEL”before his name,SHOULD be removed.Also Elmer -FUD as well R.McC.

  3. Don’t make a point about hearsay, or that this was a deliberate attempt from India, just make the truth come out of your mouth! If India did this, they are helping the Canadian People rid the country of the Trudeau and the liberal party! Thank you India…If not, and I’m sure they didn’t…swallow, choke, whatever you have to do and tell the truth. Spin your lies, you Liberals keep on digging your own hole to hell!

  4. The biggest issue, right now I think is the fact that so many people still don’t have their pin #. If they don’t get them until Monday, is it even possible for them to all get registered, and then to have their voting code emailed to them before voting closes. This whole thing could turn into a disaster in voting procedure.

  5. I would hazard a guess that Daniel Jean had nothing to do with all the BS diatribe, but rather, that it was Goodale, pushing this dialogue for Trudeau, to protect that Clown Prince of Mediocrity, who, most likely, took it upon himself to do all of this on his own, without consultation, just like paying out 10.5 million to Kadhr, the 31 million paid out to three Canadians who were identified as possible terrorists, the “repatriation of 60 ISIS terrorists, and the invitation of illegal migrants from the USA

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