Liberals living on the fruits of your labour

Across the country Canadians are enjoying the last long weekend of the year to mark Labour Day, the day we celebrate the worker. Some people should be celebrating the workers more than most.


No, I’m not talking about fat cat CEOs getting rich on the back of other people’s labour, that is what the union bosses will yell about in speeches to parades today.


I’m talking about the I’m talking about the consultant class that gets rich in Ottawa and in provincial capitals across the country by doing who knows what for huge sums of money.


People like David Herle.

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Is Trudeau digging in on small business tax changes?

Last week I started to think Trudeau and his Liberals were going to walk away from their controversial small business tax grab. Then I heard Trudeau speak.

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I've been covering politics for nearly 20 years now. It started in Montreal at 940 News in 2000 back when Jean Chretien was PM and half his cabinet seemed to come from the Montreal area. It continued at 580 CFRA in Ottawa covering municipal, provincial, and federal politics.

After spending five years as the Ottawa Bureau Chief for Standard/Astral Radio - mainly Newstalk 1010 in Toronto and CJAD 800 in Montreal - I moved on to write for Sun Media newspapers, hosted a popular show on Sun News Network, helped start The Rebel - then left it - and now I'm back at CFRA.

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