Kathleen Wynne warns students to vote or old white people will decide the election

Kathleen Wynne visited Humber College on Friday and relayed a bizarre and disturbing message to the young and ethnically diverse student body, if you don’t vote then old white people will decide the election. She even put in a plug for them to vote for her.

Even after listening to the audio several times, even after taking into account what I am sure she felt was a breezy and light-hearted tone, the words themselves are shocking coming from a politician. More than shocking they are incredibly divisive, ageist and said in another context by another politician they would have been denounced as racist.

You don’t have to believe me, listen to the audio here.

Wynne’s message is not only clear, it is calculated. While at an official government event, not a campaign event, she is encouraging young people to vote and trying to scare them that if they don’t do it then those old white people will vote for a conservative.

Years of election data show that Wynne is right, older people, of all races, are more likely to vote than younger people. She also knows from years of polling data that young people are more likely to vote for a left wing politician like her.

This is the type of thing people expect from professors these days, like Dr. Michael Cappello who recently gave a lecture at Trent University on why it is okay to be against whiteness.

We don’t expect this from elected leaders, especially not one working in her capacity as premier.

When Wynne said these comments the room was filled with reporters, cameras, phones with recording apps on them and yet there hasn’t been much coverage of this. That’s shameful but it is also telling that in the coming election most of the media can be expected to look the other way at Wynne’s mistakes.


  • The voice of experience—as an OLD WHITE PERSON Wynne knows even she wouldn’t vote for the Liberals

    • RCMP take notice …..Kathleen Wynne Premier of Ontario is guilty of a hate crime under the Canada Criminal Code….(the OPP are a provincial police agency controlled by the Government of Ontario and will likely do nothing)….
      319 (1) Every one who, by communicating statements in any public place, incites hatred against any identifiable group where such incitement is likely to lead to a breach of the peace is guilty of

      (a) an indictable offence and is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years; or

      (b) an offence punishable on summary conviction.

      Marginal note:Wilful promotion of hatred

      (2) Every one who, by communicating statements, other than in private conversation, wilfully promotes hatred against any identifiable group is guilty of

      (a) an indictable offence and is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years; or

      (b) an offence punishable on summary conviction.

      If police do not arrest and charge Premier Wynne then they are guilty of obstruction of justice.

    • Isn’t she an old white person? Why don’t us ‘old white people’ just fold up our tents right now and see what happens. Why is this country cursed with dumb politicians. Including of course the Fairy Queen in Ottawa.

  • Old white people have built this country, through hard work, dedication to honesty, compassion for others, and the rule of law. They fought in wars to protect the freedoms the young enjoy today. They endured bad times and enjoyed the good ones. They paid taxes all their long lives and made Canada prosperous and respected in the world. Now they are held up as a “threat” to the young because they will use the wisdom they have gained from experience when they vote? Wynne is a desperate woman who has sunk to a deplorable level in her desperation to cling to power.

    • I totally agree, Marion Leyland, with your analysis of the ‘old white people’!!! Wynn is, indeed, a desperate woman. How dare she!!! Shame on her for sinking to such a deplorable level in order to secure her position as premier…a position that she is not deserving of.

      • That is a racist statement regardless of who says it. The litmus test for racism or sexism, is simply replace the race and/or sex with any other and see if it is racist or not. If you replace the “white men” she refers to with a “black woman”, her request from the students becomes blatantly racist and sexist, that means its also racist and sexist refering to “white men”.
        To say “black woman” in her statement, would end anyones political career, it should end hers as well

        • No Jettrod, you’re wrong.
          You’re not wrong of course, but because has you so astutely stated she is culpable of breaching the charter of rights. But don’t hold your breathe waiting for the authorities to take any action. Me and you..yes..but we are not ensconced in the privileged.

          • Bravo commander, well put.

            Citizens were ruled not privy to the Canadian charter nor constitution. We have no rights, only government officials are drafted in the charter. Guess who did it too, Trudildo senior.

    • Marion Leyland: Never, NEVER, use the word deplorable and Wynne in the same sentence! She is just desperate as she knows her ass will be out next election!

    • that’s what I was thinking, if you think about it Ont voters aren’t too bright they voted for trudumb

  • The liberal politicians including the feds are trying to make the whites look bad in front of young people who are easily swayed. This is despicable behaviour for a politician and she should step down. Trudo said the same thing after the hijab affair the islamaphobia is on the rise. Well I haven’t seen it sow what are they doing to this country!

  • Should be asked to step down!White people have become the whipping boys of our western civilization.I can understand how some people feel that whites are privileged but only a few really are.The rest are just common folk like all people.To hear a White Politician say such a thing is disgraceful to the many people who worked hard all there lives to make Canada a place where others wish to live.

  • Actually she points out the vigorous example of old white peoplekind who actually participate in the democratic process. In a manner of speaking, she is setting up old white peoplekind as role models for everyone else to follow. Whether you are disabled, trans, black, etc etc etc, follow the example of old white peoplekind who believe so strongly in the democratic process that they get off their ass and vote. That’s the message she is giving. Kinda like a backhanded compliment.

  • “Some senior person, older than me… some white person…(laughs) You know, the reality is that that’s the demographic that’s going to get out and vote, so we need you, we need you to be engaged.”

    Despicable comment from an elected official, let alone the premier of Canada’s most populous province.

  • She rarely puts he foot in her mouth but she sure did this time. Hope this shoves more votes over to Doug Ford.

  • She must be running scared if she has to be racist against older white people , because they know whats right and wrong and that theres another way to make Canada and Ont a better place , but all she wants to do is tax people and if you are over 65 you are a drag to society ,well maybe she should listen to some of the old timers who built this country and could do it again if they had to all the liberals have done is spend spend .

  • I dont care for this remark being its coming from the Ontario Premier. Its slandeerus and discrimanating against white people that shes taking money from. And spendingour money fulishly.

  • Kathleen Wynne’s message is racist and ageist hate speech. She belongs in prison.

    • Do the young people she was speaking to not realize she had insulted their parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles omg students time to wake up

  • How dare she. The old sod should look in the mirror sometime. This is too much asking millennials not to vote white.

  • This message disturbs me a great deal, yes I am old…and I am white. Does that mean that I’m different from my wife’s brother who is 20 years younger than me and brown?

    I thought we were pretty much the same, we both work, own a home and cars, and we are both frustrated with government waste and an ever increasing debt load resulting in more of our tax dollars being spent on interest payments than on needed services like policing and social housing.

    Do young brown people actually like waste and corruption? I never knew…..thanks for enlightening me Kathleen Wynne, I guess my brother in law is the exception that proves the rule.

  • Kathleen Wynne is rude, undiplomatic, and stupid. I wonder if she remembers what happened to Hillary Clinton in the U.S. when she called half the voters ‘deplorables’? They sure united … against her.
    Wynne’s words ARE ‘incredibly divisive … until some of ‘the old white people who might decide the election’, turn them on Wynne, and DO win the electionl
    This is but another version of identity politics which no democratic country can put up with. (At the family-level, many of us are a little too familiar with the way a child will try to divide his parents in order to get what he wants; well, this is but a ‘grown-ups’ take on that tactic).

  • Im almost certain elder folks come in all kinds of colours. Does she think she rules those ppl so well, as to not have to worry about their votes.? That would make it kinda racist to everyone. My kid and all her friends are conservatives. The teachers are liberal and older teens and young adults really dont like teachers as much as everyone would like us to believe. The loberals are failing. They just havent noticed yet, so let them keep talking. Only makes it worse for them unitl they can get some better values. Isnt it funny how she assumes the youth are as racist as her.

  • Well, if you are an old white person, be sure not to vote for Wynne as she seems to have little interest in your concerns — things like paying your hydro bill, home supports, etc. Her comments are typical Liberal identity politics. They are perpetually pitting one group against another.

    • just in retribution for that fact being said outloud. this old rich white man, is gonna destroy the future by voting for Dford.


  • well, she is right. the facts dont lie. the facts state that Old Rich White People are the majority whom do vote.
    Simply saying it outloud, outside the context of a Demographics report booklet is wrong?

    You are all lame & weak, to be somehow imaginarily insulted by the truth.
    I guess truth hurts, as I can see that most of the people upset by that ARE old rich white people.
    You are not the only people that built this country, or paid its taxes, but you are the ones that got the most return bang for your buck. Your boroughs & lifestyles are the best.
    Ontario, and Canada, arent the old British Colony anymore…it is a very very diverse multi-national, multi-ethnic country now.. and old rich white people, are now the minority.

  • We may be Seniors now, But I would like to see todays younger generation grow up with out any OHIP the way we did. We only went to the Dr. when we where really sick, because our parents had to pay. Young people are to spoiled today. And as for Wynne she is a Senior and she looks older than me and I am almost 70.

  • Either you failed Canadian history or you are just a moron. Go take a Canadian history course before posting an argument like that. Kathleen also never mentioned rich so you obviously didn’t hear the conference or read the dialogue. She is using tactics based on voting statistics and trying to separate voters. If you don’t see what she is doing and also think it’s okay then their is no help for you. Maybe go back to grade 1 and get a basic education.
    Basically saying old white Ali Taghva, writing “as a person of colour,” on thepostmillennial.com argues, “Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne has now begun to play full-scale identity politics. If you are white or old, then you automatically prescribe to have a set of beliefs, values, and pre-noted crimes. If you are young or not white, you are prescribed a different set. She does this with purpose, hoping to separate individuals along those lines with no care in regards to what that will do to our society.”

  • I’m a 50 year old guy and I agree with her. When I talk to people in their 20s (in Canada and elsewhere) they have a clear view of what needs to change, and a strong interest in making the world a better place. We just need to give them the encouragement and support to make it happen.

  • This young white man will vote Doug Ford to get rid of racist scum like Wynne. Race was never anything to do with this until she made it. That is how socialist liberalism functions, they do not see people, they see race and division. They live in the hate filled world they cry about so much.