Ontario NDP wants a “sanctuary province”

If I didn’t read it with my own eyes, I might not believe it but there it is in black and white, if the Ontario NDP forms government in the June 7 election they plan on ignoring federal immigration laws and opening up provincial services to people in the country illegally.

“We will declare Ontario a Sanctuary Province,” it says on page 11 of the NDP platform.

Now I am sure that they would argue they are just being kind, compassionate, that they have no such intention of flouting federal law, but that is where sanctuary status leads.

At the beginning, the NDP says their policy would simply allow people to access health, police and social services without disclosing their immigration status. So people that pay no taxes could get healthcare, welfare, send their kids to school. Soon it would mean getting drivers licences and any other service that requires the rest of us to be citizens or permanent residents.

Move from another province and wait three months for Ontario health coverage, come illegally and Andrea Horwath and the NDP will give it to you right away.

I’ve been following the issue of illegal immigration and watching groups like No One Is Illegal for a long time, even before the current border crisis that Justin Trudeau has created. Prior to the 2017 flood, the estimates of “undocumented workers” ranged from 100,00 to 500,000.

There is no exact number but one thing is for sure, if you encourage people to break the law by giving them free stuff then you will get more of them.

Not a wise move for any politician and despite what Horwath will claim, not progressive or compassionate.



    • This is totally ridiculous,this is nothing more than trying to get votes in the near Provincial election,which is likely to late to make this happen in time. If they were to get all the refugees and immigrants votes, maybe best they pull out of Canada first

  1. This is total BS. If someone is here illegally the only provincial funds that should be spent on them is either the cost of deporting them, or the cost of putting them in jail. There is no way they should have access to any other funds whatsoever. How can anyone in their right mind believe that we should be spending taxpayer dollars for health care, food clothing. rent ect. for someone who is here illegally. This is money that should be spent on lowering the deficit, helping our own citizens (senors, disabled, ect.) looking after our military and veterans. It makes me sick to think of all the money that gets wasted by these politicians. If not for the billions of dollars that get wasted over stupid, politically right crap we would have no deficit

    • wow you people are making my voting decision really easy because it sure as hell will not be libtard or NDP now

    • Agree 110 % Robert why are there so many STUPID losers out there, This country needs help! so

  2. The NDP is no more than a liberal democratic hybrid. The NDP want to control the same way Justin Trudeau does get the illegals in here, get their votes keep them on welfare CONTROL, CONTROL, CONTROL, AND THE COUNTRY BE DAMMED, Quebec is a sanctuary province right now and how is that going ?? NOT!!! Howarth may have already buried the Neonazi democratic party. BTW Look at California.

  3. This is complete insanity!!! It seems as though our politicians will stoop to any level in order to buy votes, imo. So much for Democracy in this Country!!!

  4. I pray to God that she and the NDP are so low in seats that they lose their status for a party.

  5. Well I guess that makes the choices to make in the next election all that much easier. With Liberals and now NDP welcoming in illegal immigrants, I can cross those parties off my list.

  6. So glad I moved out of Ontario. If they do not respect our rule of law, and abide by our customs and values, why should we treat them better than we treat our own? Rights are granted and may be withdrawn. I would suggest the any right they receive or claim, they must be willing to extend to others.

  7. Andrea Horwath has just officially signed the NDP’s death warrant. Good! Go Doug Ford! Make Ontario Great Again! MOGA!

  8. A sanctuary province has In Canada, at least, sanctuary status has no bearing on whether a refugee can be detained or deported. The Canada Border Services Agency still enforces immigration law in sanctuary cities, and status doesn’t change the laws governing any police force. Status is also not an invitation; it may well have no impact on the number of immigrants or refugees, documented or otherwise. In sanctuary cities, municipal services from public health to libraries instruct their staff not to ask people about their immigration status. When a worker from Ottawa Public Health interacts with a child who needs a vaccination, for example, all that should matter is whether that child is a resident. it isn’t current city practice to ask about immigration status (although there’s no policy that explicitly forbids asking). “We never do that,” he says. “Public health, or OC Transpo, or parks and recreational service — we never do that.” That’s all it is no big deal. They don’t ask anyways.Please do your research.Election time people are trying to pull votes from parties to their own. Read this article it explains what Sanctuary means. https://tvo.org/article/current-affairs/the-next-ontario/what-is-a-sanctuary-city-anyway

    • The article seems to be about making Ontario a sanctuary “province”. So at least one question is, will provincial health services continue asking to see your medical card?

  9. Back in the day the politician was asking for votes so as to help the people, but not anymore. The politicians are out to help no one but themselves. Those Government leaders must realize that they work for ME, not the other way round. Don’t be running my business that way!

  10. Was contemplating voting for Andrea but no longer. This is insane just have a look at our health system now and you want to cover medical coverage for illegals.

  11. If that is what they want then pick and east coast province. There are towns closing due to a lack of population so fill those towns back up and create jobs there! Ontario has no employment opportunities as it is, housing shortages, healthcare provider shortages, a shortage of everything and the most expensive cost of living in Canada. It is an all round bad idea but if they are going to follow through with it make it the least densely populated province not Ontario!

  12. well thank you Andrea now we know what the NDP idiots plan is and we can make sure that the NDP dont get many seats this june your a total douce bag to even suggest this why dont you move to California you and the governor would get along famously!!

  13. Sorry all I got from the NDPs’ statement is we know we’re not going to win so we made a really dirty deal with the liberals. The Canadian people are so stupid the will never figure it out. I guarantee it will cost us big down the line. We will see the liberals do big favour for the NDP in the coming months. The dollar figure of this favour will tell us exactly how much it costs to buy the NDP. Probably a bargain at this point. Remember though we’re just dumb Canadian voters who will never figure this out. it would be refreshing to have a candidate who’s only promise is to make a public breach of trust a criminal act with strict sentences. But we all know a politician will never be that brave. Sad bu true!

  14. So fed up with the with all of them we will be a welfare state before they r done start helping Canadian working families and seniors we are getting a 50cent raise per month what a joke we need to raise the minimum wage to 15dollars an hour but pension stays the same what a joke

  15. Better vote for Doug Ford or you will be in a bigger meß than we are here in Alberta.???

  16. Welcome to globalism. The liberals are now a communist globalist group. They skipped socialism and went straight to the end line. At least you know what the real government is now.

  17. I usually support the NDP but on this issue they are insanely wrong. We have homeless people, people looking for work, retraining needs,housing the environment and the economy. To allow people who have no legal right to come here and take resources away is beyond foolish.Why do people who want to immigrate here wait years and spend thousands on the process when they could buy a plane ticket ?

  18. “Move from another province and wait three months for Ontario health coverage, come illegally and Andrea Horwath and the NDP will give it to you right away.” Lol. If illegals can get healthcare without issue than legals will have just as easy a time getting healthcare. Shows the intelligence of the one who wrote this.

    • Then you don’t know the rules Jeremy. A little bit of knowledge might help you.

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