POLL: Only 13% agree with Trudeau on pricing carbon

Ever since he became prime minister, Justin Trudeau has been pushing Canadians to accept the idea that we need to have a price on carbon dioxide emissions. Yet despite years of lecturing, and little media or opposition push back, Canadians aren’t sold.

According to Abacus Data, just 13% of Canadians would choose a price on carbon as their preferred method to deal with climate change.

Poll participants were given four options for dealing with climate change and were asked to rank them as their first, second, third and fourth choices. The options were, rules and regulations, low carbon tech subsidies, carbon pricing or do nothing.

Carbon pricing only finished ahead of do nothing.

The most popular choice with 44% support was to use rules and regulations to deal with climate change followed by 35% that supported low carbon technology subsidies. Carbon pricing was at 13% and doing nothing at all was not that far behind at 7%.

What is more, if you look at the chart, carbon pricing is only the first choice of Trudeau’s own Liberal Party supporters.

What is remarkable is how weak support is for the carbon price model in every different age, political, educational or geographic breakdown.

Now let’s get into why.

When asked again to rank options on the objectives of carbon pricing, 26% chose changing the behaviour of businesses and individuals as their first option, just ahead of the 23% who chose generate revenue for government.

When asked straight up whether a carbon tax was meant to change behaviour or raise revenue, 42% said it was about raising revenue. Asked whether carbon pricing would work to reduce carbon emissions or just raise prices and costs, 53% said it would work, 47% said it would raise prices but not do what it is intended to do.

When you consider that this is an Abacus Data poll and Bruce Anderson himself is out there pushing his agenda, including carbon pricing all the time. When you consider that we have had years of the government, the media, the establishment telling us this is what we must do. When you consider that for 20 years children have been indoctrinated in schools on this.

When you take all of those factors and then look at the results, this is really bad news for Justin Trudeau and his chosen policy.

Just 13% agree with Trudeau that this is the one thing we must do. Let that sink in for a bit.



  1. JT won’t care because is the Alpha and Omega of all knowledge. I sure hope some serious people will be in charge of our country in 2019. JT can recycle into Cirque du Soleil’s PR.

  2. I am disappointed that it is that high an approval rating.

    13% of Canadians are idiots it would seem.

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