Trudeau fiddles while Kinder Morgan is about to burn, possibly literally

They are promising to come by the thousands, including from the United States, and they have one goal – stop the twinning of the Kinder Morgan, Trans Mountain pipeline.

While Prime Minister Justin Trudeau insists the pipeline will be built he isn’t exactly doing much to stop the foot dragging and delays being pushed by cities like Burnaby and Vancouver or stop the muckraking by the BC provincial government.

Meanwhile, as The Seattle Times is reporting, there will be a mass protest with activists from both sides of the border to shut down the pipeline.

Nearly 7,000 Coast Salish Water Protectors — as the pipeline opponents call themselves — have signed up to participate, said Will George of the Tsleil-Waututh Nation, spokesman for the Protect the Inlet movement.

“We cannot stand by anymore,” George said. “It is going to be like Standing Rock,” where thousands of so-called water protectors stood against the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota in 2016.

The people that want this stopped are promising another Standing Rock, a loud and messy confrontation to stop the pipeline from going forward. What will Justin Trudeau do? Mouth nice words? Take selfies? Wear someone’s traditional garb?

In Regina on Friday, Trudeau was asked what he would do to get the pipeline built. Remember, this is a federally approved pipeline that went through years of hearings and study. The federal government has full jurisdiction and so far, Trudeau is letting BC’s John Horgan hold Kinder Morgan, Alberta and the rest of the country hostage.

“What I have been very clear about is that this project is in the national interest and it will get built,” Trudeau said.

“We will continue to ensure that we are protecting the environment while growing the economy and working across the country to ensure the projects that are in the national interest, like the Kinder Morgan pipeline, move forward.”

But what has he done and what will he do in the future?

Nothing and likely nothing.

The activists know that this pipeline is approved and they cannot change that so their strategy now isn’t to change the mind of the government but to make Kinder Morgan so frustrated that they walk away. With delay after delay, the project will eventually become economically unviable, the company will do what so many have done and simply move their investments elsewhere.

That will leave the activists happy, the leftie politicians of the Lower Mainland happy but will leave Canada a poorer country.

Trudeau needs to deal with this fast and firmly or watch more investments leave Canada for a more hospitable climate.

  • This Nut has been told by Soros etc to Bankrupt Canada and that is what this TOOL will do.

  • The protest at Standing Rock appeared to succeed for many months. It was able to do so because President Obama did nothing. Doing nothing empowers lawlessness. The local police force, Mandan ND, is a small detachment of about 25 or so members. Help was supplied when possible by neighbouring Law Enforcement and state police. Even so, LE was badly outnumbered by, at times, so the protesters said, over 1000. LE was stressed, overwhelmed and sleep deprived for months on end. They were outed, I think they call it doxing, and their wives and families were threatened with violence and rape. It ended when President Trump was elected and sent in federal help. The residents of ND were also terrorised. Media did not cover the whole story, only the press releases from the professional protesters. No doubt they will bring the Standing Rock playbook to British Columbia.