November 22, 2020

I’ve been writing a fair bit about the fact that Justin Trudeau’s gun control program won’t work and trying to offer ideas that might actually deal with the real issue, which is gun crime.

In a recent piece I detailed how when asked about the shooting of 12 year-old Dante Andreatta, Trudeau spoke of how he was getting tough on gun control by banning guns owned by legal gun owners. Of course, that’s a measure that won’t go anywhere.

This weekend I published a piece with five different steps that governments across the spectrum could take to actually deal with gun crime. None of it involves banning guns from legal, licenced and RCMP vetted gun owners.

Watch the video I did for the Toronto Sun here.

What has many people wondering is what was in that memo to Trudeau that I wrote about here. The memo was presented on April 24, less than a week after the massacre. A week later, on May 1, he presented his gun ban plan and said it was about stopping events like the Nova Scotia massacre from happening again.

You can read the full memo below. Tell me what you think, share it on social media, share the columns and videos with your friends.

Trudeau briefing document o… by brian_jameslilley

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