May 12

Trudeau worries that questions about a violent ISIS fighter are divisive


You can’t make this stuff up, Justin Trudeau was asked this week about a Canadian who fought for ISIS and returned to Canada and he dismissed the questions as a divisive political attack.

“Once again we see the Conservatives trying to drum up fear as a way of political attack,” Trudeau said in the House of Commons, later adding, “We saw this approach by the previous government in the last election. It does not work to try to scare and divide Canadians.”

Divide Canadians?

Which Canadians are divided on ISIS being a bunch of bad guys? No right thinking Canadian. Definitely not the people I’ve spoken with that have fled the region to escape the war and bloodshed.

Now just so you know what Trudeau was responding to this past Wednesday, it was a question from Conservative MP James Bezan.

Bezan wanted to know what the government was going to do about a Canadian that admitted to murder in an interview with the New York Times and reporter Rukmini Callimachi who runs a podcast on ISIS and its adherents called Caliphate.

“In the podcast, Abu Huzaifa states that he worked for ISIS enforcing sharia law in Syria. He brags about getting splattered with blood while brutally lashing people who broke their laws, and he proudly admits to murdering ISIS prisoners and having the irony smell of blood on his hands.

When is the Prime Minister going to stop allowing these bloodthirsty terrorists to walk on our streets, and throw them in jail instead?”

Pause for a moment and think about that.

The PM was asked about a Canadian that had admitted to the venerable New York Times, the bible of the progressives, that he had executed people. Trudeau’s response, dismiss the question, imply bigotry, attack the Conservatives.

Watch the full exchange here.

Should we really be surprised?

I’m personally disturbed by Trudeau’s answer but I can’t be surprised. If we think back to his winter townhall tour, Trudeau was asked about dealing with returning ISIS fighters and compared them to Italian and Greek immigrants that had faced discrimination.

Now that was on Wednesday that Bezan put the questions to Trudeau. I missed it, so did most of the media, but on Friday the Conservatives went at it again and this time Ralph Goodale was the one deflecting.

While the government doesn’t want to say much, Abu Huzaif – a nom de guerre, or fake war name – certainly does want to talk. The 23 year-old who joined ISIS at 17 and has been back in Canada since 2016, has also spoken to CBC and other media. Now he says that he didn’t murder anyone despite giving a quite detailed description to the Times.

He told Callimachi that he was part of a squad tasked with killing a group of middle-aged Sunni men that he claimed had offered resistance to ISIS. The murders were justified he told himself because these men deserved it.

“At first you have to bring yourself to do it. You say, ‘OK I’m finally killing someone now.’ This is maybe the next step to being a front-line fighter, and I already had some goals of being a front-line fighter,” he said.

Now he is recanting.

Yet speaking with CBC on Friday afternoon at his Toronto workplace, Abu Huzaif recanted what he had told the Times.

“I did not,” he said. “You can put me through a polygraph and it will prove that I didn’t kill anyone.”

When asked why he told Times reporter Rukmini Callimachi that he participated in an execution, Huzaifa said, “I was being childish. I was describing what I saw and basically, I was close enough to think it was me.”

When was he telling the truth? That is something CSIS will be trying to determine. The intelligence agency reportedly contacted him again on Friday morning to set up an interview.

Trudeau’s divisive obsession.

When most people hear about a young man wandering the streets of a major city and bragging about executions and flogging people to enforce Sharia law’s stricter interpretations, they worry about safety. Not Justin Trudeau.

To Trudeau it appears the worst thing you can be is divisive.

Personally, I’d like a bit of division between myself and anyone that thinks executing another human being for not being pious enough is justified. Trudeau would likely call me a bigot for that.

He might lecture me about loving all of “peoplekind” including those that want to kill me.

If there is one issue that shows Trudeau to be a politician that can’t be taken seriously, this is it. From his poetry and podcast plan to deal with returning fighters to his comparison to Italian and Greek immigrants, Trudeau shows he is clueless.

Read more, Trudeau has money for everyone but veterans. 


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  1. Canada and Canadians have the government they deserve.

    You voted for it, you elected it and now those evil people who are infected with islam and the moslem brotherhood – right to the top including the islamic prime minister of Canada – run the country and your lives.

    There is a solid chance that your islamic prime minister will be re-elected.

    Showing that the east coast welfare provinces (who voted clean sweep liberal) do not care and only want more welfare.

    Showing the hugely liberal quebec province does not care – it only wants more welfare money.

    Showing the liberal majority Ontario province does not care – it only wants more welfare money.

    Canadians as a whole are so spoiled, arrogant, entitled and smug as to deserve no pity for the government they have.

    And the best part of this – you can be certain it will only get worse.

    Look to the eurotrash countries to see what is coming to Canada.

    And to see who caused this trouble all the Canadian voter needs to do is go and look in the mirror.

    1. That is an absurd statement. I know many people who did not vote for this traitor and for you to even suggest this is ridiculous.
      In response to BZ

  2. A Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian, unless you are a Conservative.

    Justin Trudeau has been elected as leader of the Liberal party to speak on behalf of all Liberals hence ALL Liberals are clueless.

    Let’s face it, Liberalism is truly a disgusting and perverse political philosophy.

  3. … The Trudeau Liberal’s playbook on answering questions.
    … Act offended, deflect, distort, evade. When in doubt- ignore.

    1. Iain, haven’t heard from you in a long time. Glad to see you are still posting.Maggat

  4. Jihadi Justin Trudeau is advocating his commitment to terrorism and murderers at the same time blaming others for disagreeing with him.
    Jihadi Justin has radicals in his party to whom he owes his loyalty for his massive win. They run the show and he( trudeau) is on their tight leash to use any which way to suit their radicalism. And as long the media keeps this from the public, the radical mps can proceed without Canadians ever knowing what hit them.

    1. He also has money bags Soros buying the votes for him. He truly has he globalist needs, in his best interest. He could care less about Canada.

  5. When an ex Muslim call Justin ‘jihadi’ she was perfectly correct. That’s exactly who trudeau is ‘ a jihadi’

  6. The RCMP are too busy serving as bell hops for illegal aliens crossing our borders at unofficial checkpoints. *spit I predict a rise in gun sales among law-abiding Canadian citizens.

  7. Trudeau is a Traitor and he shows it in everything he does. He is turning Canada into a 3rd world country so he gets to be dictator. Which ever Party get him out now gets my Vote.

  8. Your a piss poor excuse for a nan or for the speaking for the Canadian people. You a Disgrace to your job and you’re a sicking dork got out of your job and look for a job in the outhouse. Cause just about your speed is the outhouse. Then you can pile all the stuff you shovel in the barnyard,

  9. Despite csis and rcmp, much damage can be done before the police and paramedics arrive on the scene of a massacre, either by gun or vehicle. We’ve seen examples of this many time.

  10. Trudeau’s Liberals look & act like empty headed bobbleheads, & that is exactly what they are.

  11. Trudeau in his second response read from a piece of paper in terms of reosources and what the government is doing to protect Canadians?!?!

  12. Trudeau MAY have loads of money but he hasn’t any brains at all. If he has any at all, they must be about the same as those in a wooden rocking horse

  13. Ralph is right though. Its not appropriate to go into detail in public. Nor can people be arrested without evidence. It casts doubt on the vetting process. If 60 came back there is something broken.

    Ralph accusing the questioner of abuse was wrong. Rcmp and ccsis eventually can get overwhelmed just like in the uk where so many “persons of interest” are out there that there are not resources to surveill ad many of them as they might like. Meanwhile policy is that increasing these numbers is kindness and you are racist if you have any concern for domestic safety.

  14. We feel shame to have such a head of Government. The word is laughing about us! This is what Trudeau promised – to bring Canada on the world stage – as a laughing stock.
    Trudeau is playing a comedian role. That is all what he knows. Shame for us that we still keep him. I think that there needs to be some public inquiry about traitors of our country.

  15. If the media reporters had to choose between their own families and or Justin Trudeau and his gov to protect without hesitating, who do you think they will protect first. The answer is very simple ‘Justin Trudeau and his gov’.
    If they had an ounce of concern for the safety of their families, Justin Trudeau would NEVER had seen the light of day in parliament far less be the PM. Unfortunately, this is not the case, therefore, making it difficult for them to take action or accuse him of being a traitor since they(media) support every action he has done to their families and to all of canada.

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