Trudeau’s Liberals pretend they didn’t give up sovereignty in trade deal

Bill Morneau wants you to know that nothing has changed and all the words on the page mean nothing.

Ask him about Section 32.10 of the new NAFTA, the USMCA, that requires Canada to notify the US and Mexico before signing a trade deal with China and he wants you to pretend the words have no meaning.

Morneau told Evan Solomon on Question Period that the new section, “changes absolutely nothing.”

Watch the stunning clip here where Morneau not only denies that anything changes but also insults Solomon’s intelligence.

Morneau’s stunning arrogance.

Canada is surrendering sovereignty here.

Let’s be honest here, this section of the deal is a major infringement of Canada’s sovereignty. Yes, the same section applies to all three countries but we know that it was put in by the United States over concerns about Canada dealing with China.

The Americans are in the middle of a trade war with China and we are now part of that war as a result of this clause.

Every treaty, including trade deals, infringes on sovereignty to a degree. This clause says Canada can’t negotiate with a non-market country without approval of our partners.

The Trudeau Liberals want you to think this means nothing.

They are lying to themselves and to all Canadians if they actually believe that.