Trudeau’s politics of division

Justin Trudeau condemned Israel but not Hamas.

Justin Trudeau has spent a lot of time lately telling anyone that will listen that he is all for positive politics, that he opposes fear and division – not like those other mean and nasty guys over there.

It is the classic tale of pointing your finger at someone else and not realizing you have three pointing back at you.

Trudeau and his team are all about fear and division.

Remember, these are the guys that call you a Nazi for disagreeing with their boss and unCanadian for asking the federal government to pay their bills.

Throw in the odd claim of false racism and you have the Liberal playbook down to a T.

The Liberals are guilty of everything they accuse their opponents of.

Now they are claiming Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives are obsessed with Justin Trudeau and the Liberals.

Check out the tweet the Liberal Party put out in the middle of the Conservative convention.

This wasn’t the first tweet on Scheer and the Conservatives last week. They also put one out asking for money to stop Scheer from rolling back Liberal progress, a petition to get Maxime Bernier out of the CPC caucus, and plenty of veiled shots and not so veiled shots at the Conservatives along the way.

Which is weird because they are in government.

A government obsessed.

It is normal for the opposition to take aim at the people in power. Taking aim at the opposition instead of your record is pretty weak.

The Liberals have also been sending emails to their list about the Conservatives. I get almost daily emails from the Liberals smearing and attacking the Conservatives. This one from last week was sent out by Azam Ishmael, National Director with the Liberal Party of Canada.

Today the Conservatives are kicking-off their national convention in Halifax to discuss their planning and policies for 2019 – and all we’re seeing so far is the same divisive and negative politics that Canadians rejected in 2015.

Canadians don’t want a return to the Harper decade, but in over a year as Conservative leader, all Andrew Scheer has done is show Canadians that he wants to return the same failed policies that left middle class families falling behind for too long.

Is that really doing positive politics if you open your email attacking the other guy?

Yet this is par for the course.

The Liberals are creating division by declaring the Conservatives divisive. What they are essentially trying to do is say any Conservative policy, and politician, is beyond the pale.

Which is where we get back to calling people racists, Nazis and unCanadian.

The Liberals don’t just want to say the Conservatives are wrong, they want to say they are not part of acceptable society.

I ask again, is that positive politics?

No, absolutely not.

The Liberals are implying with each attack that Conservative policies are rooted in hatred. In the Liberal view, Conservatives don’t have a different way of solving a problem like poverty, they hate the poor.

Extend out this view and you see another disturbing trend.

The Liberals don’t want to simply win the debate and the vote. They want to crush their opponents, remove them from polite society. Make it socially unacceptable to be seen with a Conservative.

This is Justin Trudeau’s version of positive politics.

Like his feminism that calls for all women to be believed until they make an accusation against him, this positive politics thing is fake.




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  1. I love getting those emails from the libs. It’s a great place in the reply to them what pieces of shit they really are. Except in the replies I can get vulgar enough to make their eyes water.

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