WATCH: Andrew Scheer pushes Justin Trudeau on why he is helping Jihadi Jack

My basic question is what the hell is Justin Trudeau thinking?

I don’t get it.

We have reports from Global and the Guardian over the last week, some of it summarized here, discussing moves to bring Canadian Jihadis home.

Then Global reports that not only is British born and raised Jihadi Jack, AKA Jack Letts, part of the the deal, but that Canadian officials reached out to him.

“I’m from the government of Canada. Do you want assistance from us?” is how the online exchange between foreign affairs and Letts began.

The transcript of the online conversation was provided to Letts’ parents in Britain who then shared it with Stewart Bell at Global.

A Canadian of convenience.

Letts has Canadian citizenship because his father is Canadian but he has no connection to this country other than some vacation visits.

So why is foreign affairs reaching out to him?

That is what Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer wanted to know in the House of Commons on Tuesday. He didn’t get much in the way of answers from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Remarkably, Trudeau had to read his first answer to Scheer directly off of a briefing note provided by staff. He didn’t answer the actual question but he read his lines like a good actor.

Trudeau also used the term DAESH instead of ISIS, a true politically correct move, all the while saying that he would not play politics with this issue.

Trudeau just can’t answer.

The PM was asked five times, once in French and four times in English to explain why he was trying to bring a British Jihadi to Canada.

He never gave an answer.

Instead he accused the Conservatives of playing politics, of distorting facts and of trying to stoke fear and division.

Let me be clear.

The Conservatives did not distort any facts here.

Andrew Scheer asked the government time and again to explain why they reached out, proactively, to invite a British Jihadi to Canada.

Trudeau refused to answer.

If raising questions about a man that left Britain, after converting to Islam, so that he could fight for the Islamic state is stoking fear and division then sign me up.

There is nothing wrong with being afraid of a Jihadi moving in next to you.

If you lived in Mississauga, Ontario would you really want ISIS sniper Muhammed Ali moving in next door?

This is the guy, the guy I wrote about here, that boasted of wanting to play soccer with severed heads. This is the guy that used social media to try and recruit other westerners to come fight for ISIS.

I don’t want the government lifting a finger to help him or Jihadi Jack.

If that makes me a bad person, so be it.

By the way, the Trudeau Liberals continue to fight to remove Nazi soldiers, guards and war criminals from Canada. Men in their 90s that can’t harm anyone at this point.

I don’t begrudge that action but I do wonder why they are so tough on men that can’t fight back but soft on men that just left the battlefield after supporting the worst regime in decades.