We paid how much for Bill Nye the Science Guy?

Shocker for you, Bill Nye’s speaking fee is out of this world.

In case you didn’t hear, the man the played a scientist on a kids program but actually isn’t a scientist, came to Ottawa to sit next to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for what was billed as an “armchair discussion” between the two men. It was really a mutual admiration society event and a chance for the PM and his Liberal government to talk about how great their budget was.

We heard great lines like how babies are scientists because when they cry they get milk. Trudeau actually said that.

Was it worth the money?

I don’t know. The hall held a few hundred people and looked packed. It got a lot of media and social media attention but what did it cost?

According to Nye’s speaker’s bureau that represent Nye, his fee is $50-75,000 USD.

I don’t know who paid for this. Was it a Government of Canada event or a University of Ottawa event? I’m asking around and asking about extras such as travel.

Yep, plenty of speakers tack on airfare, hotel and per diems onto their speaking fee. Nye, who hates the “tar sands” and actually uses unscientific terms like that, flew up from California to collect a big speaking fee and lecture us on moving to renewables so we can leave the oil in the ground.

UPDATE: A spokesman for the PMO got back to me to say the the PMO in no way paid for the speaking fee or any other fees associated with this event. Still looking to see if it was the U of O.

Click on the video below to hear Trudeau’s babies are scientists comment.


  1. Two non scientists hot airing their ‘scientific theories’. One, a mechanical engineer (who seems to have an issue with passing Calculus), the other, one who holds a Bachelors of Art (who thinks one year of engineering gives his an automatic engineering degree). So embarrassing that this is is major news. My cat is more scientific than you are, as yes, when he meows he gets food.

  2. I wonder if Bill lectures Americans about the California oil fields? ….I didn’t think so.

    But it does illustrate just how interested in protecting our energy sector Trudeau is.

  3. Hey, we had a dog once who used too stare at us when we ate, then we gave him food too. Does that mean if you stare at someone when they’re eating you’re a scientist?

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