Wynne’s campaign manager calls Doug Ford a “dick” on TV, here is what you need to know about him

David Herle puts the ass in class it appears. During an interview with CP24, the all-news station in Toronto, Herle, who is also Kathleen Wynne’s campaign manager, called Doug Ford “a bit of a dick.”

If you thought Ontario’s premier and her team would be taking the high road in this campaign, think again. After trying and failing to paint Ford as Ontario’s Donald Trump, they are now resorting to comparing the leader of Ontario’s PC Party to bits of genitalia.

Flip this around and Herle would be out there decrying the sexist nature of any such comment, but for him to stoop that low in a media interview is apparently just fine.

Well, not with sane people.

Liberal pundit Warren Kinsella was quick to point out that this isn’t exactly Herle earning his keep, which apparently is running the Ontario Liberal Party $70,000 per month.

That shocking figure tells me that the Liberals are getting ripped off and that I’m in the wrong line of work.

It also reminded me that Herle is no stranger to outrageous billings. About 18 months ago I dug up some of the crazy invoicing for Herle and co. courtesy of the rather lucrative contracts he was getting from Queen’s Park. Remember, he had these contracts at a time when everyone knew he was Wynne’s campaign manager for the upcoming election and had been the manager of the last one.

Now, I haven’t looked at all the contracts that Herle was able to squeeze out of the provincial government in the last while but in the first couple of years of Wynne being in power, Herle got contracts worth more than $2.7 million.

This includes a contract to provide research services to the Liberal Caucus, via taxpayers funds, that amounted to $1.1 million between April 2013 and March 2015. I’m sure there have been more contracts to that same organization since then.

Wynne’s own department, the premier’s cabinet office paid Herle’s company $885,755 in the fiscal year that ended March 31, 2016.

He also had contracts with the Ontario finance department worth $400,000 and multiple contracts with the Ontario Energy Board worth $347,522.15, although the last time I spoke to the OEB they told me that they they had only paid out a little over $90,000.

But my favourite David Herle contract is the one that he had with Ontario Power Generation where he was billing out at $420 per hour. I asked OPG for totals and never received them. I’m guessing when your hourly rate is $420 per hour, the total will be high.

Of course, maybe Herle’s hourly rate of $420 per hour explains why he wouldn’t bat an eye at charging $1,000 a head for reception, not a dinner but just a reception, as he was raising money for Bob Chiarelli earlier this year. Did I mention that Chiarelli was Ontario’s Energy Minister, in charge of OPG, for much of the time that Herle was billing out at $420 per hour.

That ladies and gentlemen is just a taste of who David Herle is. We don’t have time to delve into his past with Paul Martin, his role in shoving Jean Chretien out the door so he could take the Liberals from majority, to minority to defeat. We don’t have time to explain all about his role in the ridiculous “soldiers with guns in our streets” ad.

We don’t have time to go over all the ways that David Herle gets lucrative contracts when his friends are in power.

Let’s just hope that Herle is fired right after Hydro One’s $6 million man and that one day we know how many millions Wynne actually paid her campaign manager using your tax dollars.



  1. You’d think with that much gravy on his plate he’d at least be able to afford a trip to the barbershop for trim and a shave.

    • Gosh, another New Liberal bozo eruption! How much more can we take… These New Liberal parties at all levels are unrecognizable. It is shameful. Hear that thump Mr. Lilley…
      That’s Laurier rolling over in his grave.
      Keep smiling all, 5 weeks for Ontario and 18 months at the Federal level. May both of these New Liberal parties be relegated to footnotes status in Canadian politics.

    • Didn’t know you trolled the comment sections Mark….LOL….Keep up the good Mark, you and Brian and others that expose the underbelly of these political leeches are good for our democracy …..and I’m hoping come early June Guys like this won’t have a party left of platform to keep sucking the life out of this once great province

  2. God I hate crooked LIBERALS!!! As the bumper sticker my very wise son gave me says, “LIEBERALS MAKE ME PUKE!”

  3. Wynn is a pathetic has been, time for her to go. She is the perfect face of evil. There was a comment the other day saying she ruined her family now Ontario .
    She is a self serving nasty individual that surrounds herself with deplorables as does her buddy Trudeau.

    Ontario has not seen any of the above since the liberal ruination took over.
    I personally think Doug Ford is the strongest common sense leader out there. He is a gentlemen in every sense of the word. He will have my vote hands down.

  4. These Liberals are good with labels 🙂 how would they describe themselves? thieves, Liars, scammers, immoral? Give me a pair of Dicks, Doug Ford or Donald Trump if that’s what we need to get our country / Province back on track sometimes ya need to be a DICK to get things done! and that’s the perception of those on the dole that DO Not WaNT change. change from their social assisted lives of free room and board, food, booze, tattoos, illegal immigrants ! BRING on the DIcks – lets get this country and province cleaned up. Seriously, in big business they bring in the DICK to stir things up, get things right. Everyone starts fearing for their jobs, but the workers are recognized and they’re safe. It’ s the slack asses that are calling the new kid in town the DICK. Because they have just realized their world, this good scam they had going is about to come to a screeching halt. DICK! How many Dad’s have been called DICKS! Because the kid doesn’t wanna get off his lazy ass and cut the grass. Poppa doug is gonna kick some ass. What a Dick- and about time. 🙂 Oddly enough, David Herle – looks like a dickhead. Looks like he needs a job, think he’s milking the system? I’de bet money on that sure bet. Think he ran from his parents basement to go cut the grass? Likely lit up a fatty and cranked up the tunes. Look at him. I think we can judge this book by his cover. Is it safe to call him a twat? Or is that stepping over the line? Liberals are the only ones that are allowed to bully and name call. Hey listen- I publicly apologize for this rant and take it all back. I’m sorry if I made anyone feel like a dick!

  5. I am glad he did – it shows how evil that crowd has been for the past years – but behind closed doors.

    They are about to lose their privileged life styles and it bothers them. So they are coming loose at the hinges.

    There has NEVER been a liberal or ndp government in my life time that has left the province they were running – or the country – in better financial shape after they were voted out.

    There may be some illegal things behind the scenes that will cause a few of them to go to jail.

    Hope Ford calls for a complete and 100% financial audit – the idiots that voted liberal will see how disgusting the Whineterrio government have truly been.

    Liberals and ndp – all you have to do is take a trip to Venezuela to see what that type of government produces over the long run.

    Most spoiled, entitled, arrogant, and smug Canadians are too absorbed in their cell phones to know much about the realities of life more than 25 miles from where they live. Otherwise they would take more care for the party they vote for.

  6. How does one justify a contract for research for the Liberal Caucus using taxpayers’ money?

  7. To be fair, he probably has some pretty big grocery bills. Eat the poor, eh, Mr. Herle?

  8. Thanks Warren for exposing this Lib shill for what he is…aren’t you glad you joined the Greens?

  9. The Liberals appear to be hanging themselves with sentiments that only the basest of their base can appreciate. Such boorish behaviour from an advantaged member of their brain trust indicates clearly “who they’re fighting for.”

    If the photo is indicative of his recent appearance, he’s ready to spend some time in the political wilderness. Perhaps he’ll be kind enough to take his friends with him.

  10. How could Ontario Have voted in such a corrupt government is beyond me. We need a criminal inquiry into the Ontario Liberal party. Also a criminal inquiry into the green energy act.

  11. Doesn’t a whole bunch of this sound like conflict of interest? It’s scary to think this has been going on right under the people’s noses. The people of Ontario need to smarten up as this robbery will only continue if re-elected.There is no way the Premier didn’t know what was going on.Criminal charges need to be laid and I hope Ford does have ALL the books examined and see how much of this went on. There must be more! Let’s stand together all you voters and make certain things like this STOP!!

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