Here is an idea to keep guns away from criminals

If I told you that there were hundreds of thousands of people in Canada that are barred from owning guns due to convictions of serious, often violent crime, would you think is would be a group that the government would monitor?

Most people would likely say yes.

Bizarrely, while law abiding, licenced gun owners need to keep their address up to date with police and are subject to daily computerized searches to see if the licence needs to be revoked, folks barred from having guns aren’t tracked at all.

Now a petition on the Parliamentary website calls on the government to start tracking the more than 400,000 people barred from owning guns. The petition notes that gun owners must report address changes within 30 days while convicted criminals with the added stipulation of a ban on gun ownership, face no such requirements.

The petition calls on Parliament “…to enact legislation requiring those convicted criminals who have been prohibited from owning firearms by the courts to report any change of address and this information be made available to police in a database on CPIC (Canadian Police Information Centre).”

Dennis Young is one of the people behind the petition, sponsored in Parliament by Conservative MP Pierre Paul-Hus. Young is upset that while he is tracked by police, the people that are proven dangerous are not.

“They’re the ones that are the most risk to public and police safety. They are the most likely to get guns illegally, police should know where they live,” Young said.

“These are the guys that Goodale says his bill is aimed at and he missed them completely.”

The Liberals introduced new gun control legislation last week and while they promised it was about cracking down on guns and gangs and keeping guns out of the hands that should not have them, the measures in the bill mostly focused on creating more paperwork for already law abiding gun owners.

  • There is never a police office to stop an armed offender. So why are we left unprotected from violent crimes and the crooks carry firearms without any harassment? My firearms are used for target shooting only, I do not hunt or miss use them in any way. But if I am found cleaning it outside it’s locked cabinet, I could be in a lot of trouble!!!

    • Your cleaning, means the firearm is in use and does not need to be locked, just unloaded.

  • Wrong! I can have ANY firearm, even my prohibited ones lying in bed beside me, on the bathtub rim, or on the kitchen table AS LONG AS I AM PRESENT!

  • Make sure none of you fall into the trap of allowing the system to silently steal your Sovereign rights which include freedom of opinion, expression, and self preservation(use of any force needed to self protect) The system cannot legally disbar anyone of these God given rights nor can hoplophobes, or any activistic statists deny anyone their right to hate anyone of anything. I hate pimps, liars, thieves, bullies, statists, terrorists of any stripe, moslem dishonor murderers, etc etc etc and the system can rub salt. I openly and frequently practice these rights! I challenge ANY system stooge to ATTEMPT to deny me any of my rights whether the system has approved them or not.