Justin Trudeau’s childish antics won’t help on NAFTA/Trade files

Justin Trudeau and Donald Trump at the G7 in Canada.

If you want to know what I think of Trump’s tariffs and Canada’s trade position you can read here and here, but right now let’s talk about Trudeau’s childish antics.

We can all present a united front to the world when it comes to trying to a better deal for Canada. So I support Andrew Scheer standing with Trudeau and Doug Ford, the incoming premier of Ontario doing the same. But presenting a united front on the trade files doesn’t we don’t tell the lead guy to stop acting like an idiot.

Justin Trudeau is surrounded by people that look down on Donald Trump. People that think Trump is a fool, an idiot, childish and temperamental. I’ll grant them the last one. I’ll agree that Trump is unpredictable and difficult to strike a deal with.

None of that matters, we need to deal with him and WE NEED A DEAL.

This isn’t partisanship, this is reality.

The majority of Canada’s exports go to the United States, still as high as 76% of all exports. China buys just 4.3% of our exports. They are our second biggest market.

By comparison, Canada comprises less than 20% of all American exports. We can show maps all day long about how many states have Canada as their largest trading partner, we are still just a piece of the puzzle to them.

To us, the Americans are damn near the whole puzzle.

So why is Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his team acting like a bunch of idiots when dealing with an erratic man like Trump? A man who not only doesn’t care about upending the status quo but revels in doing so?

Ahead of the G7 starting, the Trudeau team leaked details of a phone conversation that Trump and Trudeau had about the tariffs on steel and aluminum. They leaked these details to Jim Acosta of CNN.

Now if you haven’t been paying attention, Jim Acosta is Trump’s most hated reporter at Trump’s most hated network. And Trudeau’s team leaked, or at least ginned up Acosta, on details of what was said.

The story Acosta filed had Trump claiming the War of 1812 as a reason to place national security restrictions on Canadian products. Trudeau’s office later told Canadian reporters it was a joke.

Too late, the damage was done.

Acosta’s report claimed that Trump was mistaken in blaming Canada for burning down the White House in that war because it was the British. Historians were consulted, sneering remarks made. It all ridiculed Trump before he got to Canada.

Then when Trump got here Trudeau did something he knew would send liberal supporters in the media and the online world into hysterics. He presented Trump with a photo of his grandfather’s hotel in Canada that got the family fortune going.

Or as all of Trump’s detractors would call it, the brothel.

I’m sure the smart set in the PMO had a hearty laugh over this one. Snickering at the American president is better than Canadians having jobs after all.

Then finally there was Chrystia Freeland, comparing Trump and his populist style to Hitler while speaking to a writer for the New York Times.

I actually don’t know where Trudeau allegedly stabbed Trump in the back during his news conference. Best I could do was listen for 15 minutes as the PM mostly said lots of words without answering questions. I also think that the rhetoric out of the Trump administration on the Sunday morning talk shows on CNN and Fox, among other places, was over the top.

But so were the antics of Trudeau and his team.

While I may be a tough critic of this government I don’t think they are populated solely by idiots. We may have blown our best chance for a fix to this trade deal, something I’ve argued for a while, getting Trudeau and Trump alone together to discuss this deal without anyone else.

We have to hope it isn’t too late though.

Millions of Canadian jobs depend on secure trade with the United States. Jobs held by real people, not the sycophants in the PMO who will only fail upwards and never be affected by bad decisions.

We need Trudeau and Trump to get serious about fixing this. Since Canada needs the United States more than they need us, that may mean accepting some terms we may not like.

That is a better deal that what we are facing now.

It’s also better than we can get by Trudeau’s team trying to mock and embarrass Trump when they think he isn’t looking.

  • One of the things I don’t think anyone is paying attention to here is that Trump gave us over a year to meet our NATO commitments, and not only did Canada not increase that spending, it can be argued we decreased it. trudashian – the combination of Trudeau and Kardashian – was too busy virtue signalling about leftwing/sjw/pc talking points.

    How long was the US supposed to fund NATO and North American security? It cannot be argued that Canada has been freeloading off the Munroe Doctrine (continental security), so while trudashian is trying to rally his lagging support numbers by wrapping himself in trade war patriotism, no one in the media is looking at this at an atmospheric level; everyone’s stuck at the tactical level. As Clint Eastwood said in “A Fistfull of Dollars”, “…everything looks different from higher up”.

  • Donald trump is making America great agwin as he said he would.
    What did Justin offering Canada? Absolutely nothing but grief loss of jobs and divisiveness and illegals.

    Who would want to do business with crazy man. He has no love no pride nothing for our country other than for himself and his radicals alone.
    He is, acts like a child, when caught in his own lies, he blames everyone else like: PMSH on national television in USA, remember Modi, Trudeau to this day refuse to apologize to him and Trump who he insulted while in a interview in USA and made a crack to USA graduation in NY of the percentage of votes(9%) he, trump, got in his home state. Trudeau is the problem and when nothing goes hhis way, he throws a temper tantrum by running to his parents, the media, to help him out which they do regularly.
    Trudeau has kicked out businesses jobs out of Canada into the arms of USA due to his high taxes, gender nonsense and long list of restrictions. No wonder trudeau is losing it.

    • “Mr.dressup is a JOKE, but unfortunately the joke’s on us…..truedope can’t even answer a question from the opposition…..how do you ever expect him to deal with the intelligence of President Trump?? Canada’s trouble starts with our ass**le of a leader…….

  • Trudeau said ‘canada would not be pushed around’.
    What trudeau means ‘ ‘HE, TRUDEAU, will not be pushed around’. He is trying to save face among his radicals, to show them how tough he can be towards Trump which we know is a big joke
    Trudeau so far, has been pushing us around with high taxes, pushing out businesses and jobs out of canada, gender bs, forcing onto us illegals coming through the border, allowing ISIS and terrorists to roam our streets.
    I love canada but I refuse to be pushed around by this radical TRUDEAU’S GOV.
    Trudeau has done more harm to canada than trump will and frankly, I don’t think Trudeau gives a dam about our nation canada.

  • A good article bringing together facts I have seen in various places about the disturbing chain of events that led to President Trump turning away from the recent G7 trade deal. Oh and by the way, Christie Freeland’s husband works for the New York Times, so the article where-in she was quoted comparing Trump to Hitler was obviously a hit- job on Trump – further evidence of our brilliant leaders strategy to attack President Trump. Nice going Chrystia! Is this supposed to further impress President Trump and bring him around to a better trade deal? NOT! If this is the way our leaders strategize and act, we are done for.

  • Trump wants a unilateral deal with Canada NO NAFTA deal! And Trudeau had better come up with something to deal with or Trump will say GOODBYE! The American people voted Trump in to get America back on track making jobs for Americans. Trump is a smart dealer and Trudeau doesn’t like the way he deals..TO BAD!!! Canadian’s will suffer just because of Trudeau’s arrogance. I’m afraid BUTT’s has something to do with this..by the way!