And now we have it, a criminal/pervert sneaks across the border

Justin Trudeau wants Canada to be welcoming but should we welcome child pornographers that sneak across the border and don’t get properly vetted? That is what we are dealing with now.

One of my main reasons for pushing back against Trudeau’s refugee rush where he originally wanted to airlift 25,000 Syrians to Canada and then screen them was the potential for bad things to happen. Terrorists or war criminals could sneak into Canada with real refugees as had happened after Rwanda.

Trudeau eventually listened to wiser minds that told him if we brought people here first and then screened them, then we could be stuck with warlords or terrorists for years as we tried to deport them.

I wish he listened this time.

Now we have a man who has apparently pled guilty to child pornography and bestiality charges in Texas but has since slipped across the border into Quebec, mixing in with Nigerian migrants, all so he could skip charges in the United States.

American authorities have asked for Adesanya Prince to be returned to them to stand trial and are asking Canadian authorities to send him to the US rather than his native Nigeria.

“His escape shows that he is actively trying to escape his sentence in the United States, possibly by being deported to Nigeria [by Canada],” the US authorities explain in their extradition request for Adesanya Prince.

The 49 year-old, who snuck across the border is currently in Canadian custody and waiting to be sent back to Nigeria but the Americans say he should face the child pornography charges in Texas first. Turns out Prince, sent videos to a co-worker in January 2017.

“Two videos show adult people having sex with dogs, say the US authorities in the extradition request. The third video showed a very young child aged 2 to 4, naked, with an adult man. “

By admitting first, asking questions later, this is what Justin Trudeau is admitting into Canada.

A few more cases like this, or worse, a Canadian citizen attacked or hurt by men like this and support for legal immigration, never mind the illegal border crossings, will plummet.


  1. Who could have ever predicted or seen this coming? Everyone except the Liberals/NDP and the Media Party. This should be a wake up call to Trudeau, but I would bet it will fall on deaf ears.

  2. hey trudeau has got to go — worst politician and certainly worst pm in 150 years bar none — quite a moniker for a traitor tyrant liar isis and terrorist supporter and millionaire maker of 4 muslims including omar khadr who planted ieds when our Cdn soldiers were in Afghanistan and we lost 158 of our soldiers !!!!!! i bet that some/many killed were by khadr’s ieds and he gets millions of dollars !!!! trudeau is mad and belongs in a mental institution in a straight jacket forever

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