MS-13 on Canada’s border, what will Trudeau do?

In the international criminal underworld, it is hard to find a more ruthless and brutal gang than MS-13. A gang known for beheading their targets in the United States which now could be headed for Canada.

Joe Warmington broke this story for the Toronto Sun, detailing concerns by the Criminal Intelligence Service Canada that MS-13 members may soon be trying to make their way to Canada. The Trump administration is ending the Temporary Protected Status for El Salvadorans in the United States meaning many that have not taken up citizenship will need to return home.

A crisis that could turn violent.

While some will go back, others are expected to flee to Canada, which is where CISC comes in with their memo to police and border agents across the country to be on the lookout for MS-13.

It tells cops and border security people “MS-13 members will likely exploit the migration of Salvadorians to Canada to set up new cells, most likely in the Greater Toronto Area, Montreal and Vancouver.”

The memo talks of potential dangers to residents since “MS-13 maintains a propensity for public and indiscriminate acts of violence, suggesting an enhanced public safety threat in the communities it inhabits.”

Toronto has some experience with MS-13 due to an attempt by the gang to target a member of the “justice community” in 2008. We never found out the target but 17 members were arrested and the gang didn’t make a dent in Canada’s consciousness until this news broke.

Now we are being warned that a gang known for incredible attacks could soon be setting up shop in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal or other cities. The memo states that, “violence linked to the MS-13 is often described as brutal, from senseless beatings to dismemberment.”

While some might think of this as purely a big city problem, in the United States, MS-13 has become a force in many suburban areas as well. Now we can expect it here in Canada.


Because our esteemed PM, Justin Trudeau, thinks it is bad or mean or something to enforce the border laws passed by Parliament.

Before this story broke, we were wondering about the problem of a child pornographer sneaking into Canada with the illegal border crossers.

The problems from Trudeau’s inaction only grow.



  • Traitor trudeau (lower case intentional) must go 2019 hurry up, we can only hope Scheer has the balls required to deport all of these “refugees”

  • MS-13 is a brutal gang. They are mainly from El Salvador. They left there because of the violence of dictators supported by the US. They likely will try to get to Canada but they will be vetted by border security and sent back. The reason they are in the US is they formed there. If they start sneaking in at other points of the boarder the only solutions would be a border wall from sea to shining sea patrolled with guard for the entire length 24 hours a day or should we say 29.5 hours a day since we span 5.5 time zones. I’m sure you want to pay the taxes on that or maybe we should ask Trump to pay for it