MacLeod has the public on her side in fight with Hussen

Is Lisa MacLeod, a woman elected by her constituents, a woman who has worked in politics and public service for near 20 years, “not Canadian?”

Is this woman who has family roots that run deep in Nova Scotia “not Canadian?”

It is a question I ask because Ahmed Hussen, Canada’s immigration minister under Justin Trudeau said that MacLeod’s views on immigration and the illegal border crossing crisis are “not Canadian.”

Here’s the thing, MacLeod has the public on her side and Hussen would be wise to heed MacLeod’s advice and apologize.

The comments came Friday in Winnipeg as Hussen hosted a meeting of federal and provincial ministers that work on the immigration file. As I discuss here, Hussen takes issue with how the language used by the new Ontario government.

While Hussen wants the term asylum seekers used, MacLeod and the rest of the Ford government in Ontario use the term illegal border crossers.

Both are factual, so it is a matter of style and perspective.

But is it fair to say those that want the border enforced, rules followed and queue jumping ended are “not Canadian?”

Hussen said if you back those things you are not Canadian.

What does the public say?

Well a poll of more than 5,000 Canadians that I wrote about in the Toronto Sun earlier this week showed that 70% don’t think the government has a clear plan to deal with this issue.

In addition, 58% thought the government was handling the file badly and 57% think the feds are not giving enough money to the communities bearing the real costs of Trudeau’s policies on this file.

That last point, the costs, is Ontario’s big sticking point.

The feds made this mess but have only offered Ontario $11 million when the province puts the full cost, so far, at more than $175 million. And growing.

As this fight continues on, and I believe it will so Trudeau can use it in the next election, more Canadians will see that provinces like Ontario and Quebec are getting screwed. They will see our major cities are being asked to house and pay for an influx of people that came as the result of Justin Trudeau’s actions.

Trudeau will eventually have to pay for all of this, using tax dollars or at the ballot box when voters get fed up.




  1. This is a federal government by “elites” and not the people who work for a living.

  2. Re: “Trudeau will eventually have to pay for all of this, using tax dollars or at the ballot box when voters get fed up.”

    We’re already fed up, Brian. In 2019 Trudeau and his fraudulent Liberal party (they are actually NDP in drag) are going to follow Wynne right out the door and into oblivion for exactly the same reasons. It’s a ‘given’.

    I was thinking this morning that for a very long time Toronto has always set the course for governments in this country, both federal and provincial, simply because the city and surrounding area control so many seats due to population.

    And here’s the thing. If Toronto today just severely kicked Liberal ass how long can it be before we see the replay?

    My best guess is not long at all and they have earned everything they are about to receive. That is my fervent belief.

    Take care and keep it coming.

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