Justin Trudeau’s Liberals continue their fake feminist ways

He has claimed to be a feminist running a feminist government but the track record of Justin Trudeau and his team is not great.

Ahmed Hussen’s insulting and bullying ways with Lisa MacLeod are just the latest example. Hussen said MacLeod and her views on immigration are “not Canadian.”

This all came from a disagreement over how to describe illegal border crossers.

But Trudeau and his team, while claiming to be feminist, have a history of not living up to their own standards.

We can point to the PM himself claiming all women must be believed, telling the world he must be held to the same standard. Then we facing an allegation of sexual misconduct…..Trudeau says the woman is wrong, effectively calling her a liar and not holding himself to account.

We could point to the time that Trudeau elbowed New Democrat MP Ruth Ellen Brosseau in the House of Commons.

We could point to many examples in fact, here is a short list.

Beyond that list we could add the actions of several Liberal MPs like Kent Hehr, Darshan Kang, Hunter Tootoo to name a few.

Justin Trudeau talks a good game but let’s face facts, he doesn’t deliver.

Watch as I talk about this on radio.