Way back when Ahmed Hussen used the term “illegal”

Ahmed Hussen told the Commons immigration committee that he used the term illegal and that it was accurate.

Ahmed Hussen doesn’t like the term illegal to describe illegal border crossers anymore. Even though just a few months ago Justin Trudeau’s point man on the file was saying it himself!

On March 19, 2018 Hussen appeared before the House of Commons immigration committee. He was asked not once but twice about the use of the term illegal and he said he was fine with it and used it himself.

“I have used the word “illegal” and I have used the word “irregular” and I think both are accurate,” Hussen told Conservative MP David Tilson.

Later in the meeting, Hussen doubled down when Conservative MP questioned why this was the first time he had heard the minister use the term illegal.

“Actually, I’ve used that term before, sir. I have no qualms in using the term,” Hussen said. “What I’m referring to when I say “illegal” is the act of crossing our border between ports of entry. That’s an illegal act. I don’t think that claiming asylum in and of itself is illegal. I don’t share that opinion.”

How different now that Ontario has changed governments, the Trudeau Liberals are itching for a foil and a fight and Doug Ford and his government are using the term illegal.

Now that term is being described as “divisive” and Hussen is taking issue with Ford and his minister in charge of immigration, Lisa MacLeod.

Anyway, for those doubting how definitive Hussen was in March, watch for yourself below.