Andrea Horwath won’t say no to a Wynne coalition

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath hasn't ruled out a coalition with Kathleen Wynne.

What could be worse that a Kathleen Wynne government? An Andrea Horwath government where Wynne is the responsible junior partner.

Appearing on the third ranked network for their Power and Politics show, Horwath was asked about the possibility of a minority government partnership with Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals if Doug Ford and the PC’s don’t win a majority.

“I’m wondering how far you are willing to go to stop a Ford government? If there is a vote split on the left, would you be willing to form a minority agreement with Kathleen Wynne?” Kapelos asked.

Horwath’s answer is telling. She doesn’t say yes, doesn’t say no but hints strongly in the affirmative.

“I certainly wouldn’t be supporting anybody that would be cutting services,” Horwath said.

Despite rhetoric from the left, Ford has said he won’t cut front-line services and will instead find savings through efficiencies. Asked several times if she would rule out a coalition or agreement with Wynne and Horwath would not say that such a deal is off the table.

Think about that.

We have a left wing leader that has railed against the cuts to healthcare brought in by Kathleen Wynne, the hallway healthcare we are all experiencig now, railed against the sale of Hydro One, but……but…..but….she will work with Wynne if she can have power!

We’ve seen that before.

In May 2013, Horwath demanded the Wynne create the Financial Accountability Office to watch over government spending plans. This was in addition to the promised 15% cut to auto insurance rates that Horwath had demanded and received before the budget was tabled.

Fast forward to 2018 and insurance rates have never decreased by that much and the Wynne Liberals now dismiss criticism from the FAO as a dispute over accounting. Forget the claim the budget will be twice as big….that’s just an accounting dispute!

Given that the NDP are running second in the polls, given that lots of people are looking for a protest vote against Wynne, do we really want to end up with a Horwath-Wynne coalition?

Remember, Bob Rae’s government was also the result of an NDP-Liberal pact.

In 1985 the Liberals won a minority after 42 years of PC rule. David Peterson became Premier of Ontario thanks to the support the Bob Rae’s NDP. It was that profile that made Rae seem a viable alternative when voters tired of Peterson in 1990.

It took a long time for Ontario to recover from those Rae Days, and I’d frankly rather not go back.

What about you?

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  1. Wynne is a racist and made public hateful racist statements. How is she not being charged?

    • when someone is in power, they can say and do whatever they wish and if they lose the election, they simply walk away with no repercussions. sad but very true

  2. This is going from really bad to so much worse. Liberal and NDP together. I think we have had enough of this. Andrea isn’t even answering the questions. Sounds like the Liberals. Bring on Ford and let’s see what he can do. He can’t be any worse than Wynne and he might be better. I want Ford. It’s time to change the record of wasteful spending.

  3. Just look what NDP and Greens are doing to BC….bet it would be same if coalition happens to ON!

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