Bill Carroll is fed up with the teachers’ union

After listening to Bill Carroll take on Harvey Bischof on Tuesday morning, I don’t think we will be hearing the union boss on CFRA’s morning show anytime soon.

Bischof, the head of the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation, was joining Carroll on Ottawa’s 580 CFRA to discuss back to school and the union’s actions against the government. He clearly had enough.

Carroll asked Bischof the kinds of questions I’ve heard many parents and average citizen ask. What does he know that doctors don’t? Will teachers take a pay cut if they are teaching fewer children to help pay for more teachers.

On that one, Bischof showed he was detached from reality. He said that no one had taken a pay cut during the pandemic. Maybe he didn’t notice the millions in Ontario who lost their jobs, had hours cut or had to take a pay cut to keep things going.

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