Bureaucrats to Trudeau, hide the immigration numbers

Prime Minister Trudeau takes part in the CEO Summit on the sidelines of the Summit of the Americas in Lima, Peru. April 13, 2018. /// Le premier ministre Trudeau assiste au Sommet des dirigeants en marge du Sommet des Amériques à Lima, au Pérou. 13 avril 2018.

Is there any other way to look at this? Senior federal bureaucrats have been advised to hide the number of immigrants that come to this country each year so that Canadians don’t know the real facts.

A story published by Canadian Press, based off of access to information documents, shows that Canadians support immigration but that the level of support falls dramatically when the public is told how many immigrants actually come to Canada each year.

“Public support (often aided by a diversity of prominent stakeholders) in indispensable,” the department told the co-ordinating committee of deputy ministers during a meeting in April 2017 to discuss immigrant outcomes.

“But there could be a tipping point that, once reached, undermines the history of relative Canadian consensus.”

Seems the department has been doing some polling on Canadian immigration levels to gauge public support and just over 50% say the current level is “about right.” According to the story, departmental polling has shown similar levels of support since about 2012.

Then things get interesting, once the poll informs Canadians what the actual immigration levels are.

But most of those respondents believed the number of immigrants arriving every year was under 150,000. After they were told is has actually been 260,000 for the last few years, the number of people who then said they felt that was “too many” jumped from 23 to 32 per cent.

Hmmmmmm, funny that. Higher support when the public felt the numbers were lower, lower support when told the actual numbers. What is the department’s advice to senior management? Hide the truth.

“Engagement with the Canadian public is necessary, however, any high-profile debate will have to be carefully managed,” the department advised.

Effectively, top bureaucrats are warning the government, not to tell the public the real immigration numbers lest support for immigration fall. In other words, lie to the public to keep them onside.

I wonder how the public would feel if they knew the real total intake for 2016 was 848,000 people and not 260,000 as the poll claims.

Even the number of permanent residents was off as a perusal of the latest report to Parliament by The Honourable Ahmed D. Hussen, PC., M.P. Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship will attest to.

In 2016, Canada welcomed more than 296,000 permanent residents, which is close to our new, ongoing target of 300,000 that we aim to achieve in 2017.

In 2018 the government hopes to reach between 290,00 and 310,000 and in 2019 as many as 350,000 permanent residents.

But even that doesn’t tell the full story, which we can find in the report to Parliament on the 2016 numbers.

296,000 permanent residents, this includes 62,000 refugees

286,000 temporary foreign workers

266,000 international students

TOTAL: 848,000

That is a far cry from the 260,000 that the immigration officials put in the poll. Now some might say they are temporary and some of the workers, especially agricultural workers, only stay here part of the year. Others though stay for years at a time. As for students, they are encouraged to get Canadian experience and stay here with preferential treatment.

Taken as a group, these three streams into Canada would constitute the 7th largest city in Canada just behind Ottawa and ahead of Winnipeg, Quebec City and Hamilton.

I’m not opposed to immigration, I am the product of two immigrants and most of the people I grew up with were the same. What I am opposed to is the government lying, or at least hiding data, so that they can keep the public on their side.

We should expect better from our governments.


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  • I have learned long ago that the federal government is totally infected with liars and self serving lefties.

    You cannot ever trust the bureaucrats to:

    1. Tell the truth,
    2. Be open and honest,
    3.Do anything that might be considered offensive by the mainstream media
    4. Do the best for Canada,
    And more……………….

    However you CAN trust them to not be faithful to the country and you can trust them to protect their “circle of liars” to the hilt.

    • Yes your right we are being invaded by beings that are NOT COMPATABLE WITH US MUSLIMS!!!!

  • These illegal invasion into canada are Justin voters. Why hasn’t any lib media reporters and lib mps and media outlets have not accepted illegals into their own homes?
    The fall of canada is at hand. The extent of her injuries is severe and beyond repairable. Businesses, jobs, Investors are leaving in droves leaving behind destitution and fear. But, that does not concern the Trudeau and media Gov.

  • In audio recording, Trudeau says Bill C-24 makes citizenship conditional upon ‘good behaviour’

    CTVNews.ca Staff 
    Published Sunday, September 27, 2015 10:26PM EDT 

    The Liberal Party believes that terrorists should get to keep their Canadian citizenship … because I do,” Trudeau told a Winnipeg town hall in July. “And I’m willing to take on anyone who disagrees with that.

    He added: “As soon as you make citizenship for some Canadians conditional on good behaviour, you devalue citizenship for everyone.”

    Trudeau was conducting town halls across the country back in July. On that same day, he tweeted about the “great discussions” in Winnipeg.

    Trudeau also told the group that revoking a terrorist’s citizenship is not the answer, and that Bill C-24 “exemplifies the Conservatives’ approach to politics.”

    “There are penalties for anyone convicted of a terrorism or an act of war or offence against Canada — they end up locked up in jail for the rest of their lives. “

    But one member of the Toronto 18, convicted of being involved in the plot to bomb the city, has already been paroled. The so-called mastermind behind the plot is eligible for release next year, and the government announced Friday plans to revoke his citizenship and deport him to Jordan – the first such case in Canada since the new law was enacted.

  • Could not have put it any better its time for another Election I would give freely 100 Bucks to the Party of my Choice if one was called.
    The Clown from up North must go Canada is already the laughing stock in the Western World.Like Father like Son at least the Father was educated and able to hide his shortcomings better.