Ford blasts COVIDIOTS in park, turns out John Tory was one of them

I get it, you want to be outside. Lots of us were outside over the weekend hitting up parks, hiking trails, any outdoor space we could find.

While keeping our distance.

I don’t know about you but in my regular travels I don’t see many people wanting to be close. Walking down the street, most people try to give a wide berth. I don’t see large groups of people gathering in public. Many are wearing masks.

Then there was Trinity Bellwoods Park on the weekend.

This was the front page that went with my story about the mayhem.

On Sunday, Premier Doug Ford blasted the scenes that played out on Saturday.

“I thought it was a rock concert. I was shocked,” Ford said.

I didn’t hear the premier go as far as I did in calling them COVIDIOTS but turns out, part of the shocking behaviour came from Toronto Mayor and my old radio colleague, John Tory.

Tory has since apologized and gone on a mea culpa media tour. Mainly because he didn’t keep his distance and pulled his mask down while being up close and talking to people.

I get what he was trying to do in going into the park. He clearly said he wanted to talk to the people there and ask them what they were doing. He found a bunch of people who simply didn’t think there was any big deal in being there.

Maybe they are right but I will tell you why I call them COVIDIOTS, a term that has angered some. They were on top of each other. They were urinating and defecating on the homes in the neighbourhood. They left behind huge amounts of litter.

You can still get outside and enjoy yourself without doing what they did.

I’m all for lifting the lockdown but we still have to be responsible.