How green is Justin’s footprint?

Just to prove how vital it is for Canadians to use less fossil fuels and reduce their carbon footprint, Justin Trudeau flew from Ottawa to Toronto to Montreal to Ottawa in one day.

He also had other ministers fly across the country to make localized announcements.

That’s one big carbon footprint, but it ain’t green.

Let’s be honest, governments have gone across the country for a long time to make announcements at specific locations. That isn’t new at all.

But this was an announcement about Trudeau’s carbon plan, his plan to get Canadians to use less fossil fuels.

Does he see the hypocrisy?

And why the three flights? Why any flights at all?

The PM and his cabinet could have made this announcement in the foyer of the House of Commons. They could have walked across the street to the National Press Theatre.

Instead Trudeau took Catherine McKenna and Bill Morneau, plus their respective gaggle of staffers, on a flight to Toronto from Ottawa. After the announcement Trudeau hopped on the government jet and took off for Montreal for a fundraiser.

After his “fireside chat” with donors paying as much as $1,500 to listen to him talk, Trudeau hopped back on the government jet and came home.

It was just days ago the National Airlines Council of Canada was warning that the carbon tax would hurt their industry by driving up prices.

“It’s a mess; there’s no other way to describe it,” council president Massimo Bergamini told the Globe and Mail.

A mess is no understatement.

The carbon tax will drive up the cost of everything, including flights. The industry worries the number of Canadians crossing the border for cheaper flights will only increase.

Soon it might just be Justin Trudeau who is able to afford flights. Like three flights in a day so that he can tell us all to use less carbon.