Liberal lie on domestic guns exposed, again

For months we have been treated to a repeated lie about where crime guns come from in this country.

We are told over and over again that 50% of crime guns used in Canada are domestically sourced, that they are stolen from law abiding gun owners.

Of course neither police nor the Liberal politicians that put this idea forward can ever back it up. They don’t provide evidence, they just make the claim and most media print it.

The claim has actually been debunked by myself several times but also, let me give credit, to Global and CBC for following this story and exposing the lie.

But this claim is still out there and is being used as part of the justification for needing a handgun ban in Canada.

More evidence to expose the lie.

Well now we have another piece of evidence that this claim is false.

On top of Stats Canada saying they have no records or data to back up this claim, beyond the Canadian Firearms Information System saying they do not have records or track such stats, there is a new admission.

Public Safety Canada says they have no records to back up this claim that has been made by their own minister, Ralph Goodale.

Researcher Dennis Young asked Public Safety to provide records on the number of stolen guns in Canada over the past several years by province and where the gun was stolen from. He asked for data on guns stolen from private homes, retailers, police or military and more.

The response from Public Safety was telling.

“A thorough search was conducted and Public Safety Canada was unable to locate any records responding to your request.”

Now if Public Safety even had partial records on this kind of information, say just the number of guns stolen from homes, they would have to release it.

They have no data.

Which means they are making it up.

I’ve asked Ottawa Police for the source of their claim and they told me they don’t have the data, the RCMP have been asked for the same by others and told they don’t have it.

In fact, I know of no police force or government agency that can provide any such data to back up the claim that 50% of guns used in crimes are domestically sourced.

Because that data does not exist.

The Trudeau government says they develop policy based on facts, evidence and science. In fact we are being told we have to hand over our banking information without our consent to StatsCan so that they can get better data on all of us.

Yet when it comes to making policy about firearms, they literally make stuff up.

This fake 50% stat is being used to scare people that don’t own guns and don’t know people that own guns so that they will back the gun ban idea.

They don’t know that gun owners are far less likely to commit crimes than the average citizen.

Debunking this fake stat has been done before and will be need to be done again.

Beating back a lie takes time.