On this day – July 13

Quite a day July 13. Live Aid took place on this day in 1985, the Stratford Festival kicked off in 1953, the very first World Cup kicked off in 1930 and on this day in 1923 the Hollywood sign was dedicated.

I have to say soccer looked a bit different in 1930, maybe it was the style of play – it’s changed if you’ve watched The English Game on Netflix – but maybe it was just the quality of video back then.

Here’s a highlight reel from FIFA.

On July 13, 1985 I woke up early to watch Live Aid and watched as much as I could. My dad kept trying to kick my brother and I outside – it was a gorgeous day – so we listened to a lot of it on the radio.

I’ve been to Stratford and the festival several times – once watched Megan Follows play the female lead in Romeo and Julliet – but the festival kicked off on this day in 1953 with a guy named Obi Wan Kenobi – I mean Alec Guinness – performing in Richard III.

Here is the man who would become Sir Alec rehearsing in a tent.

The Hollywood sign is a must see on any trip to La La Land but did you know it originally read Hollywoodland from 1923 until 1949?

Frank Sinatra made his recording debut on July 13, 1939, it would be sometime before the 24 year-old singer would have the style and gravitas that would make him the Chairman of the Board.

Birthdays include Patrick Stewart, Harrison Ford, Mila Mulroney and my Grannie.