This is the kind of judge Justin Trudeau wants on the court

I don’t know John Norris, I haven’t met him at all so I can’t tell you what kind of man he is or what kind of lawyer.

But we should know a little about Norris because Justin Trudeau and his Justice Minister, Jody Wilson-Raybould, have appointed John Norris to the Federal Court.

What I can tell you about John Norris is that he has defended a number of terrorists and accused terrorists. In fact he seems to seek that out. A look at his website shows he acted as Omar Khadr’s lawyer in one lawsuit against the Canadian government and acted as an intervener in two other cases effectively supporting Khadr’s position.

He acted for Suresh Sriskandarajah, a man that pled guilty to terrorism charges for helping the Tamil Tigers. Norris acted for Raed Jaser, one of the men convicted in the Via Rail plot to blow up passenger trains above the Niagara Gorge. Other notable clients include Mahmoud Jaballah, Adil Charkoui, members of the Toronto 18 and more.

None of this is illegal or immoral but it is telling in terms of where now Justice Norris’ sympathies lie. Defence lawyers that represent bank robbers and other criminals bring a certain sympathy to the court with them. Prosecutors bring a different sympathy to the bench.

We now have a judge that has shown a sympathy for folks accused of the most heinous crimes appointed to the court and I have to tell you, I don’t like it.


  1. VERY troubling to have justice minister who has never advocated for any Canadian but only against Canada at the now-defunct BC Treaty Commission, whose mission was to compel great swaths of real estate to the control tiny villages based entirely on racial ancestry. That’s one thing. Another is her call to the bar in 2000, though she is now not even a non-practising member of the BC Law Society. Begs the question: did she relinquish such valuable accreditation willingly or was she pushed and if pushed, why? Very unusual. Absent membership, it is VERY difficult to hold her to account despite an abysmal performance. Basic obligation to ensure public affairs are conducted lawfully – epic fail. Open borders, welcoming terrorists, rewarding terrorists, not prosecuting terrorists, participation in hijab hoax or at least failing to call out PM’s fraud in a timely manner than most recently inserting herself with PM in the midst of a proceeding involving a violent home invasion by a carful of armed drunks who also happened to be FN. She is the poster child of identity replacing merit, the hallmark of globalist despot’s anti-Canada assault. Her pay to play fundraisers at the beginning of her tenure should have compelled her instant removal from office! No ethics, no morality. Claims to be a lawyer but an EX-member of the bar so NOT a lawyer. A fraud of no account who conveniently fails to challenge govt on assorted occasions of lawlessness. Facilitates a reign of terror that is unknown in Canadian history. Should be prosecuted as a terrorist and for assorted acts of civil misfeasance. In short: a disgrace. Canada’s enemy.

    • Welcome to canuckistan. Are the people that voted for Trudeau happy with their win? Because u were lied to for a vote. Ask Ontario how this will end cause Butts already destroyed that once great province. Canada is next and what a great job the Liberals are doing bringing a nation to its knees. Be prepared to land on your ass if u have debt. Dark days coming as rate increases.

  2. Trudeau’s arrogance is beyond belief. India blunder (Amal) and now this revelation. #PMJT affinity for Terriorists and their sympathizers is abhorrent to any standard of justice.

  3. The judges reflect the views of the dictatorship prime minister in the royal Democratic Monarchy.


  5. There is obviously a secret, hidden agenda in play and I can guarantee that it is not good for Canada. There needs to be an uprising!

  6. Every day, it’s something new. You scan the internet, looking to see what’s the latest in this downward spiral of our democracy. And Trudeau never leaves us wondering for long. There’s always a new twist to his dictatorship.

  7. I thought Dennis Edney was Khadr’s lawyer….. at least during the time he’s been living in Edmonton. Please correct me if I am wrong.

  8. So our PM appointed to the court a man who successfully took on the Canadian government for its depraved indifference to a fellow citizen’s most fundamental human rights; one of the worst such cases in Canadian history.

    Why it is Brian Lilley thinks this is a bad thing is deeply disturbing and frightening.

    The fact that Brian personally doesn’t like Omar Khadr never has been, is not, and never will be a valid, logical, or rational reason to disapprove of naming lawyers to the bench who know the Constitution so well the they can actually hold our government to account when it violates the highest law of the land three ways from Sunday.

    Lilley should be overjoyed by this appointment for the next time the government decides to violate someone’s rights so shamelessly, it may be someone of whom Lilley approves.

    Fortunately, this time, unlike the last, Norris will be there to set it right.

  9. He shows much too much favoritism towards his cronies for government appointments. This makes me think that Trudeau and this lawyer are friends and this is why Khadr got his big payday. I also wonder if he is in the pockets of some Muslim organization and does their bidding. I keep thinking that we could end up like Venezuela. I think he is dangerous for Canada and I wish there was a way to get rid of him quickly. He is not interested in maintaining a democratic society.

  10. Until we are rid of the disgusting excuse for a PM … Canada will continue to suffer, go downhill, become less safe, less prosperous, less civil. AND BE A GLOBAL EMBARRASSMENT.

  11. What a load of uninformed rubbish. Everyone has the right to competent representation. If, under the existing laws, a person is aquitted, then the defence lawyer has done a good job. Heaven forbid you bigots are ever wrongly accused, or tortured into confessions, or have your rights egregiously violated.

  12. Every time revelations of this nature become public, the doofus clown’s poll numbers edge upward. What does this tell you about the Canadians who support him? They shouldn’t be allowed to vote or breed.

  13. How much longer do Canadians have to suffer from this idiotic moron who has an IQ lower than his shoe (or in his case sock) size. First he gives 10 plus million to an Muslim terrorist called Khadr then the same to three more suspected Muslim terrorists but when it comes to Canadian veterans that have fought and risked their lives for Canada he says they are asking for too much He comes from a family that supports Canada’s enemies and supported Hitler during WWII and later Chairman Mao of China and the dictator and murderer Castro of Cuba during the Cold War. If Canada was ever involved in a war we know one thing about this guy and any of his friends that he would be the last to fight for Canada. He would be fighting for the other side.

  14. The appointment of John Norris to the Federal Court is a chess piece being set in place. It is at most optimistic, disconcerting, and – at worst – terrifying. It presents an open door for people with no good intent – who do not represent values I associate with as a Canadian – to engage in unlawful activity either nationally or internationally … and then place Canadian taxpayers on the hook for great sums of money. How could this be a personal value any person who seeks a law-abiding and righteous society align with? Could it be that Justin Trudeau wishes to deliberately sow seeds of dis-harmony among Canadians through his continued and seemingly-benign acts of intellectual incompetence? Or, is he simply on some type of ‘fool’s errand’ … as exhibited most recently during his India trip? Canadians across the entire political spectrum need to remain vigilant about how they’re being played by this irreverently-manipulated individual, in order to see beyond the litany of lies and thinly-veiled deceit. Sigh.

  15. Lawyers sometimes represent unpopular clients. Some of those clients are horrible people. Lawyers also tend to find a niche. So John Norris did his job and defended some people the populace doesn’t like. Being a lawyer isn’t all glam and regardless of who his clients are, it doesn’t say anything for him. He was good, professional, ethical and did his best for people no one liked. If ever I am in trouble, I hope I have a lawyer with the same ethics. Someone who won’t judge me but simply defend me. Win or lose. Without that, what have we got?

  16. I know Mr. Norris as a fellow defence counsel. He has an abundance of integrity and knowledge of the law. He is very well respected, especially by justices of various levels of court.

  17. I support our troops, at home and abroad.

    They deserve pensions,and help for PTSD when they need it.

    Now Trudeau rewards a lawyer with judgeship who don’t support democracy?

    How many more would be ‘rewarded’ without Canadians standing up for what is right. #trust


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