Trudeau won’t answer of Trans Mountain buyout and executive bonuses

Justin Trudeau responds to questions on the Trans Mountain pipeline purchase.

The Conservatives and NDP both took the government to task over the Trans Mountain purchase and news that two executives will get bonuses of $1.5 million each.

So how does that grab you?

Canadians buy a pipeline off of a company that wanted to spend their own money to build it. That money is then not only used to invest in the oil and gas sector in Texas, not Canada, but our tax dollars give a big bonus to top executives.

“We will not comment on the internal decisions of a private company,” Trudeau said when asked about the bonuses.

Questions asked but not answered.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer pressed Trudeau on the issue in French and English but to no avail. Trudeau dodged the questions and put the blame for any problems on the former Conservative government.

New Democrat MP Nathan Cullen also tried to press Trudeau on the issue. Cullen even raised the fact that the feds, under Trudeau, paid 8 times more than Kinder Morgan paid just a few years ago.

Like Scheer, Cullen got no answers on the purchase or the bonuses.

Calls for transparency.

Cullen is calling for the Trans Mountain deal in the House of Commons. I think that is a good idea.

It is rich of Trudeau to claim in his answers that he and his government have solved the question of how to get Canadian oil to tide water. Kinder Morgan was willing to walk away because it knew the pipeline could not be built.

Between political interference from the Government of British Columbia to the ongoing protests, the company knew it was in an uphill battle.

The only thing that has changed since Trudeau bought the pipeline are his socks.

The B.C. Government is still tying the pipeline up in court. As for the protesters, some paid for with your tax dollars, they aren’t going away.

Trudeau killed off two different pipeline projects that would have gotten Canadian oil to tidewater. First he killed Northern Gateway with his tanker ban that only applies to Canadian ports and not to the countless American ships that go up and down the coast daily. Then he killed Energy East to appease Quebec by changing the rules halfway through.

That this man pretends to be a friend to the oil industry is ridiculous.

Of course, so is the idea that he could actually answer a question.