Trudeau’s own businesses show his hypocrisy

So let me get this straight, Justin Trudeau and Bill Morneau have been spending the last few months, heck the last couple of years really, telling small business owners that so many of them are just tax avoidance schemes. They should know, between the two of them they have a stake in 11 numbered corporations.

“We have to know that a large percentage of small businesses are actually just ways for wealthier Canadians to save on their taxes,” Trudeau said during a 2015 interview with CBC’s Peter Mansbridge.

Is Trudeau basing this on his own experience?

A review of his ethics disclosure shows that Trudeau own, or partially owns, three numbered companies and has a trust set up for him. Are these tax avoidance measures?

A 2013 profile of Trudeau’s finances by Glen McGregor, then with the Ottawa Citizen, showed Trudeau inherited a portfolio worth about $1.2 million, as well as joint ownership of the family mansion in Montreal and a summer home in the Laurentians. Oh, a very expensive vintage Mercedes.

Trudeau was able to live more modestly than he had to because his father had set up a trust fund to pay out annual stipends through the trust fund. He also made as much as $450,000 a year in speaking fees that were billed through one of his numbered companies.

Morneau meanwhile owns, or partially owns, eight numbered companies and is the beneficiary of a family trust set up by his wife Nancy McCain, yes of that McCain family. A McGregor profile of Morneau from 2015 showed that at that point he owned $32 million dollars in shares of Morneau Shapell through a numbered company in Alberta.

Morneau Shapell is the firm that Bill took over from his father. Why hold shares in a numbered company in Alberta unless it is to lower the tax burden.

These two have much more experience with numbered companies than the average Canadian or even the average Canadian entrepreneur.

Asked about his family’s use of a trust fund during a Tuesday morning news conference, Trudeau rebuffed the question twice. He claimed transparency while refusing to answer.

The reason why is clear, Trudeau, and likely Morneau, have used these tools that are really only open to the wealthy, to reduce their taxes while lecturing small business owners about their need to pay more.

Hypocrisy is one word that comes to mind.

On the numbered company side, is there any doubt that Trudeau billed his speaking gigs through his numbered company to reduce his tax burden on the $450,000 he earned?

Trudeau has tried to portray himself as friendly to “the middle class and those working hard to join it.”

Here is the truth, most small business owners about to get whacked by these changes are the middle class, they also provide other people with middle class jobs. Yet on every front, Trudeau is in attack mode.

In the same 2015 interview with CBC, Trudeau said he wanted lower taxes for small business overall, he just implied that a good chunk of those were tax cheats that he didn’t want to help. Since winning the election a few months later Trudeau has backpedaled on his promise to lower the small business tax rate and hiked payroll taxes with increases in CPP and EI premiums about to take effect.

Our prime minister has embarked on a campaign of class warfare, one that has seen eight of his own MPs come forward and say they can’t back these changes, that has seen Liberal spin doctors denounce them has wrong but still Trudeau marches on.


It’s all about two things. He needs to fund his out of control spending and he believes this class warfare move will win him votes in 2019.

The sad thing is it might work.


  1. Trudeau is a clown. This guy could not tell the truth to save is life. I think that if we were to buy him for what he is worth and then sell him for what he thinks he’s worth we could Easley pay off the national debt and have lots left over. He has a big ego and a small mine and a very fake person.

  2. HOW can we ‘TRUST’ THIS MAN? I don’t find him very ‘TRUSTFUND WORTHY’ Is his name really ‘TRUSTFUND TRUDEAU’? …Yada #2Lazy2Write3Yadas

  3. If “eight of his own MPs come forward and say they can’t back these changes”,
    that “most small business owners [are] about to get whacked by these changes”,
    and that these small business owners are members of “the middle class [that] also provides other people with middle class jobs”,
    where are the rest of the Liberal MPs,
    especially in those areas of Canada with a high unemployment rate (or a precarious employment rate) …
    such as Newfoundland?
    (I believe that NL has about six of them, at least two of whom have owned and operated small businesses).

  4. Trudeau is gradually being exposed as the slimiest politician in Canadian history. He only opens his mouth to lie. His time in public life must be ended quickly for the sake of Canada.

    • Why isn’t he being investigated for a whole pascal of misdeeds as mentioned in this article. He is making a mockery out of our parliament and is seemingly above the law. What gas this scum bag & money bags Morneau got over the judiciary system of this country and the ethics commissioner.. this whole in parliament is starting to look like a planned out play for globalist and NWO to happen anyways..?? God I hope not and I look to Eurabia and say “Hiw could anyone let tgat hapoen” and here we are with a transgender traitor at the helm taking us out into deeper and wavier wster. And spewing that this is watt Canadians want.!!

  5. You filthy little liar and hypocrite! Do as I say not what I do? Maybe a tax audit should be done on you boys!???

  6. Trudeau is a communist, his dad was a communist he’s a communist. His goal is to shut down free speech Bill C-16, M-103 and destroy the nuclear family M-89. He’s changing attempting to secure more power in his own hands in an effort to take away the freedoms and democracy of the Canadian citizens. He has to be stopped and removed from power before it’s too late, given a chance to dig in it’ll become impossible to get rid of him.

  7. WOW He is using our tax money for all of this??? What greed and no love for Canadians. Only the filthy rich are his friends.

  8. speaking of winning votes ,not to mention all the imigrants votes he has bought with the tax paers dollars that are pretty much automatic votes for trudeau. and not to mention anyone voting west of ontario you are waisting your gasoline to go to the polls the west has never counted since i started voting in the late 60s as the election is over before ours are counted

  9. The hypocrisy astounds me. Attacking small business owners while ignoring family trusts (which is really where rich people put their investments) speaks volumes…

  10. Like father like son. I can not believe the Canadian people would elect anyone connected with the Trudeau name.

  11. How could a trust fund baby ever know anything about making a living with a real job let alone run a country..The fools that pay to see him speak his mouth also elected him.Good luck Canada

  12. Well I think you have all hit it on the nail. All we can hope and pray for
    is for the next election to go the right way, for the Canadian people.

  13. What a pathetic little man, nothing like screwing your own country. Someone better wake up and take action against him before there is no CANADA.

  14. Two thumbs up to your article. Trudeau and Morneau are corrupt hypocrites. Ordinary middle class business owners are working very hard day and night with no guarantees that they are going to be in business in the future paying more tax than Trudeau and Morneau, essentially keeping them in their very comfortable high paying positions with all their fringe benefits, which business owners don’t enjoy. They remind me of Robin Hood and the sheriff of Nottingham, except they steal from the poor and give it to themselves and the Liberal party.

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