Vegans threaten Toronto restaurant, here’s why you should go

Next time I’m in Toronto, I’m eating at Antler.

I’d never heard of the small neighbourhood restaurant until vegans protesting outside of the Dundas St. West location got a taste of their own medicine and screamed that it was so awful that someone would protest against them.

Turns out local Toronto activists have been showing up on Saturday nights for some time because they don’t like what is on the menu, mainly game meat and local or regional ingredients.

Don’t you remember hearing live and let live growing up?

I know that I did. There is no way that I want to force vegans to have a cheeseburger so why do they want me to give up the possibility of eating Chef Michael Hunter’s Bruce Country Ontario Venison – a roasted prime cut with Moroccan spiced ragout, cous cous and sesame dressing in favour of a soy burger?

Most vegetarians and vegans I know have little interest in forcing me to give up meat, they make their choices and I make mine. But not these activists.

So during a protest that appears to have happened on March 24, 2018, Chef Hunter had seen enough, he went to the kitchen, grabbed a deer leg and finished butchering it at a table in the front window. When not reaching for the smelling salts and complaining that Hunter was antagonizing them, the protesters actually appear to have asked police to go speak to him to make him stop.


I don’t expect you to watch the full video but listen to a bit of the whining from these protesters.


Well Michael Hunter’s stunt at the window drew more protests this past weekend and a bigger crowd came out. In typical media fashion the reporters were all on the side of the protesters. In my near twenty years experience this is always the case until the protesters physically attack the reporters, which I’ve seen.

Anyway, a bigger crowd and more sympathetic coverage of people that want to shove their views and way of life down my throat like the geese and ducks they are trying to save from becoming foie gras.

The award to most horrid media story must go to City News, which makes these people that are trying to dictate their own dietary choices to the rest of us seem like heroes trying to end modern day slavery. You can watch the video below, but I don’t recommend it, might turn you off your next meal of yummy meat.

Bottom line is, Antler seems like a fine place to eat. Chef Michael Hunter is trying to showcase the best of the wild game and regional ingredients that Ontario has to offer. And I’m betting it tastes freaking awesome.

Maybe when I go I should take a vegan protester.

  • You people go too far! The people who help animals like the yulin dog festival, or elephants , or any other kind of activists to help the very abusive situations that animals are in, a lot of them are not vegans or vegetarians! But they do help animals and send money over to Asia to help the abused over there. There are good people who still eat meat and your behaviour turns them off from helping. I love animals and do not believe they should be tortured in any way, and I have learned from responsible animal activists that things need to change. I’m down to only eating chicken and hopefully I will be able to go meat free soon! Slowly people ar3 changing. It doesn’t happen over night. The people who camp outside of a particular restaurant does not make you people credible! Your starting to look like Antifa. It turns people off!

    • God put meat on this planet for our consumption. It is also scientifically proven you cannot replace meat properly with soy and nuts. There is no replacement for meat. Have a nice day and please never consider pushing your views on others.

  • Amazing Story. Great article. To each his own, I say, but these people have gone too far… there are way more pressing matters that need’s the attention of the world. Leave this man to focus on his restaurant, and now serve the hundreds that will flock his establishment and taste his, what to me looks like amazing food because of your free publicity. Us who eat meat, don’t force our views on you… Get a life

  • Chances are real good these vegans are pro abortion,have no problem chopping up a human. Their version of pro life is double standard when suits themselves.

  • I used to go to restaurants in Germany (when it was still Germany) that only served venison and wild boar. It was fantastic! I would be at Antler every week if I lived there and would make a point of going while protesters are there. Go folks, you won’t regret it.

  • People need to learn to live and let live.. you don’t have to like it but you should respect their choices. They would respect your choice if you were not in their face. Respect goes a long ways people!

  • Every creature on the planet earth kills something to survive – from the largest mammal to the smallest micro-organizsm – they all kill something to eat.

    Perhaps one should go outside and BBQ on the sidewalk.

    Or simply throw water on the demonstrators.

    How much you want to bet those vegans are willing to chop up an unborn baby?