WATCH: Justin Trudeau was for freeing the beer before he was against it

The biggest political story in Ottawa right now is the Supreme Court’s decision that it is still illegal for a Canadian citizen to buy beer or some other booze in one province and bring it to another. I’ve written about the court’s foggy logic here and about why this will help John Horgan fight the pipeline here.

But what about the prime minister, didn’t he say he was against this very thing?

Well yes, but that was before he was elected.

On September 1, 2015, Justin Trudeau held a news conference in Gatineau, QC in the middle of the election campaign. I asked him the same question that I had asked Prime Minister Stephen Harper the day before, did he think that Gerard Comeau should face legal sanction for bringing beer from one part of the country to the other.

He was unequivocal. He said he didn’t think Comeau should be punished and then blasted Harper for not doing enough to end inter-provincial trade barriers. You can watch the Q & A here.

Well that was before he got into power, after he was elected Trudeau took a different stance.

The Government of Canada announced that they would be an intervenor in the case when it got to the Supreme Court and not in order to fight for Comeau. In a complete reversal, Trudeau decided he didn’t really want to free the beer at all.

Now we have a court decision that is a mess, that threatens the pipeline project that he says will get built and leaves in place trade barriers that all parties have said they want gone.

I like the old Trudeau better.


  1. Lying POS trash with a holiday life style.

    Hope he falls down a flight of stairs head first someday soon.

  2. just keep denouncing all of his inconsistencies, blunders and deceits …we need to get this unfit …OUT

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