Forget the Trudeau Liberals, media puts Scheer & CPC under scrutiny

Andrew Scheer speaks to supporters in Quebec.

That whole thing about putting the government, the people with their hands on the levers of power under scrutiny is so last decade. What we need now is to scrutinize people that would steal that power from the rightful rulers of Canada – the Liberals.

All hail Justin, high prince of all the Canadas!

I really couldn’t believe it as I looked at the headlines Tuesday morning. I wondered if my coffee hadn’t kicked in or if I was sleeping and dreaming it all.

Star on the attack!

There was a Star column on why Andrew Scheer was mean and like Trump. Another Star column on why Scheer and the Conservatives were mean to Trudeau about his personal days. And a third column on, you guessed it, the Conservatives being mean to Trudeau.

Add to that a story from the Red Star about Trudeau, his personal days and the mean Conservatives and you would be forgiven for thinking Andrew Scheer ran the country already.

Oh, how I wish.

And of course, this comes just after a piece from the Canadian Press on how the Conservatives are obstructionist by doing their jobs in Parliament and not getting out of the way of Justin and his agenda.

Who needs to hold the government to account when they are busy bungling the biggest file on the PM’s desk?

Forget those pesky stories on the horrible NAFTA negotiations. Who needs stories on foreign investment fleeing Canada due to regulations and taxation from the government?

There is the opposition to keep in their place.

Chantal Hebert stoops quite low in comparing Andrew Scheer to Donald Trump for daring to ask Justin Trudeau about the expensive swing set he had installed at the PM’s official cottage. Scheer asked Trudeau about a series of expenses that would outrage most taxpayers including $7,500 of a swing set.

That number and the description came from a CBC story published last Monday and not disputed by the Liberals. Only about 8 hours after Scheer had asked Trudeau a series of questions about those expenses, including about the swing set, did Trudeau’s office claim that the PM had paid for the swing set.

He never claimed that during QP while “answering” the questions.

Of course the media don’t like their boy Trudeau being attacked and so on CBC, in the Star, on Twitter, the consensus media have spent the last few days blasting Scheer for this and saying it is wasting time.

What about some hard news?

This would be the same media that won’t spend any time on the news that Canada’s top NAFTA negotiator said there have been no talks in weeks.

No, they would rather say that Scheer is trying for character assassination on Trudeau and then do the same thing to Scheer.

People that once howled over a $16 glass of orange juice see no issue with a bevy of crazy expenses at the PM’s cottage. In fact, no expense is too much for Justin, no outrage is indefensible.

People wonder why conservative politicians of all parties are wary of the media….this is why. An innate desire to protect the Liberals and attack anything to the right.

NDP ideas are treated with respect until they represent a threat to Liberals, Conservative ideas are always treated as beyond the pale, outside the Canadian norm.

This is reality folks.

I get asked how I can say such things.

Well I’ve worked in newsrooms across Canada for nearly 19 years. I’ve worked in radio, in TV, in print. I’ve spent a lot of time listening.

Reporters aren’t just mostly left wing, they are mostly Liberals, capital L Liberals that want to protect what they see as Canada’s natural governing party.

Don’t let them tell you otherwise.



  • A few months ago, a personal propagandist for the Liberal Party complained that ‘people’ were drawing attention away from Justin Trudeau’s policy actions, by dwelling on his socks & selfies, and other personal non-news: now the media-propagandists for the Liberals are dwelling on JT’s state-of-the-art swingset, the self-inflicted vengeance/trade-war with Trump, and other matters pertaining to JT’s image. Are these media-‘friends’ even trying to protect Canada’s natural governing party … or are they just trying to present their own virtuous opinions? (No wonder that the Canadian public is confused!)