How insanely stupid is Justin Trudeau’s team?

Justin Trudeau speaking

I can’t underscore this enough, leaking an embarrassing story about the president that you are negotiating a trade deal with is stupid. Especially a president often described as having a thin skin when it comes to his public image.

But leaking that embarrassing story to the reporter and network he hates the most is without a doubt the dumbest thing I have seen this, or any government, do.

Canada is trying to deal with tariffs brought about by the Trump administration. We are about to host Trump as part of the G7. Why on earth would Trudeau’s team leak details of a phone call to CNN’s Jim Acosta.

Yet that is clearly what happened.

CNN is reporting that in a tense phone call on May 25th, Trump invoked the War of 1812 and the burning of the White House as a reason to consider Canada a national security threat. I’m posting a screen shot in case the story is suddenly changed.

But, but, but….it was a joke!

Now the Trudeau team is trying to back pedal, telling Canadian reporters calling about this that it was all a joke.

I would hope it was a joke but the Canadian official that passed this on to Trump’s most hated reporter, Jim Acosta, said it was not.

Those comments, and the whole story, clearly come from a Canadian source.

Acosta mocks Trump.

Not only that, Acosta went on in his story to stick it to Trump about how it wasn’t Canada but actually British soldiers that burned down the White House. Sure, that’s true in a sense but ask any Canadian and they will take credit for it. Often it sounds like we take personal credit.

I don’t blame Trudeau for invoking tariffs on US goods in response to the Trump administration’s tariffs on Canadian aluminum and steel. There had to be a response and it was a quick and easy one.

But if Trudeau wants to save a trade deal with the US and remove the tariffs, this stunt is the wrong move.

Trudeau needs to be smarter than this.

What Trudeau needs to be doing is using his personal charm to get Trump alone in a room and talk to him. Trump seems to genuinely like Trudeau, use that to your advantage, to Canada’s advantage.

Insulting the president, insulting his intelligence and giving that story to a man and network Trump despises may feel good for Trudeau’s minions, but it won’t feel good for Canadian workers.

Especially if this leaves us stuck out in the cold.




  • I don’t know what has more hypocrisy and humour – all of our federal politicians and press staying quiet about our 240 percent tariff on US dairy products, or the Liberals wringing their hands and wetting themselves over the impending demise of a trade deal they have historically reviled.

  • Is he what?
    You have been paying attention to what’s been going on right?
    To provide an answer to that question.
    He picked his cabinet not on ability but by genatilia.
    He stopped 2 pipelines from being built and won’t enforce the laws to allow an existing one get expanded.
    And the one example that should remove all doubt about his lack of mental acumen.
    I give you his trip to India.

  • Intentional sabotage should be considered, J.T. might have something
    up his sleeve. Crikey, this level of ineptness is suspicious.

  • “Trudeau needs to be smarter than this.” Sorry but Trudeau is not capable of that. I agree this was an insanely stupid move, especially leaking it to Acosta, probably the most partisan hack in US media.

  • This is what happens when you put a grade nine class and the class dummy on the world stage.

  • Um’ Brian, Peter Pan and his band of completely lost boys and girls, are NOT exactly world class statesmen and stateswomen, they just think they are! They say voters get what they deserve, but we didn’t deserve this team of incompetent adolescents!

  • It has become apparent that trudeau is way too stupid and has incredibly stupid advisors to be able to negotiate an international trade agreement. He is an embarrassement to all Canadians with working brain cells

  • I doubt very much Trump likes Turdly,,.. I don’t, and Trump is far smarter than I am..I hope he treats him like the ass-hat he is, And I’m Canadian . Trudeau is a dictatorial Puke.

    • Only a stupid ass-hat would admit Trump is smarter than they are.. It would explain your entire comment Hahaha

  • I am ashamed of the juvenile simpleton who dressed up like a Prime Minister. He is an embarrassment to Canada and Canadians everywhere. Let’s hope that he suffers the same fate the Wynne is suffering in Ontario, in next year’s elections.

  • Didn’t Trudeau already play the “I was only joking” card when he backpedaled on the “peoplekind” fiasco?? In it he admitted he’s not very good at making jokes – yet here he is, at it again???

  • Trudope – a total idiot that will likely be re-elected – speaking volumes about the quality of the modern Canadian.

  • Donald Trump has done more for his country in growth and posperity than Little Justin has done so far for our country canada. Which is nothing.
    Like Justin Trudeau tried to create an unrest when he went to India is trying again to do the same in/to USA.
    At the american graduation, Justin just could not help himself insulting their president as he also did when he was interviewed. Justin NEEDS to attack anyone for his own problems as we hear him do daily to PMSH in the HOC.

  • Trudeau is just following the speaking orders of the globalist elite. Soros tells him what to say, what to do. Justin is not old enough or capable enough to speak on his own yet. He is just figuring out how to take his first steps and still uses a bib to eat.

  • We have all the dairy products we need right here in Canada. If you want to pay more support Trump,if you’re anti-Canadian! Other products are available, from other countries that don’t have tariffs on their goods.

  • Jordan Peterson aptly points out that Justin Trudeau is a traitor to Canada. Once Canadians get past the PC defence that calling Trudeau anything is not nice they will eventually see Peterson is right.

  • I don’t think that his age has anything to do with it. He is nothing more then a puppet. The liberals new that they didn’t have a chance. So they thought outside the box. How can we win? They took a drama teacher with a pretty face and a big family name. Put him on their posters and promised to legalize marijuana! They new the Canadian citizens would run to the poles. They were right and we the people were the hacks and the dummies for doing it. Just as we were in Alberta for voting NDP. Let’s hope the majority uses their heads in the next election.