Justin Trudeau pushes fake news, punishes the truth

Wasn’t it just two weeks ago that the Toronto Star, official newspaper of the Liberal Party ran with the screaming headline about fixing fake news?

“Trudeau to Facebook: Fix your fake news problem or face stricter regulations,” said the Star on February 8th. The article went on to detail how Trudeau had warned Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg about the issue back in November during a meeting in Vietnam.

And yet here we are, two weeks later and the prime minister is using his own national security advisor Daniel Jean to peddle a fake news conspiracy theory as to why and how a terrorist and would be assassin was welcomed to India and invited to dinner and a reception with Trudeau’s official tour.

As you likely know by now Jaspal Atwal was part of a plot to assassinate Indian cabinet minister, Malkiat Singh Sidhu, on Vancouver Island in 1986. Atwal was part of a group, since labeled a terrorist group, that wanted a Sikh homeland carved out of the Punjab region of India. Sidhu represented that area but was seen as too moderate so Atwal and his friends ambushed his car, shot him multiple times and left him for dead.

Sidhu survived and Atwal was convicted of attempted murder for an incident a judge called an act of terrorism.

How on earth does a man like that get near the prime minister at all, never mind invited to official events with the Indian government? Especially at a time when the main concern of the India government is whether the Trudeau administration is too soft on Sikh extremists!

Trudeau swore to the government that he wasn’t soft on Khalistanis as the Sikh separtists are called, then he invited one of them, a would be assassin no less, to dinner.

At first Trudeau and crew tried to blame the “unfortunate” incident on an invitation handed out in error by Canada’s High Commissioner to India. When that didn’t work he blamed backbench Liberal MP Randeep Sarai who he alone issued the invitation. Since anyone with any knowledge knows that PMO political staff vet names on lists like this, no one believed it.

So then Trudeau tried the fake news route. He brought out Daniel Jean, the man who acts as his national security advisor, to tell the media on background how this could all be part of an elaborate plot by India to embarrass Trudeau.

Remarkably, some media outlets ran this tripe without giving much thought to how ridiculous it all is. Here is CBC’s headline:

Rogue Indian political elements may be trying to make Canada look weak on Sikh extremism: source

I didn’t read all the stories out there and in fact CBC was the first place I saw this, the reporter in question offered no context or critical comment on the loopy theory that it was all an Indian plot, instead the government funded news agency printed the government’s fake news talking points.

A senior government official with knowledge of the prime minister’s security protocols is suggesting rogue political elements in India may have orchestrated the embarrassing invitation of a would-be political assassin to a formal dinner with Justin Trudeau in an attempt to make the Canadian government appear sympathetic to Sikh extremism.

They weren’t alone so it is pretty embarrassing for all involved. How did this happen?

David Akin of Global has posted a long piece detailing how this all took place in the middle of what was a very bad trip for Trudeau in India.

And then “worse” turned to “farce” when the PMO trotted out one of the most senior members of the civil service, someone who is one of the handful of bureaucrats privy to literally all the secrets of our national security agencies, to engage in frantic damage control,

After insisting that any journalist who wanted to listen to what this individual had to say could not name this person, the government tasked the bureaucrat with peddling what must be one of the most bizarre conspiracy theories ever advanced by a Canadian government: That Jaspal Atwal, the terrorist invited by the Liberals to Mumbai, may have been planted there by the Indian government or maybe by Indian security agencies or perhaps by factions in the Indian government. Whatever that means.

I understand agreeing to the PMO’s terms and agreeing not to identify the person. I’ve been in those meetings in the past but not this time, bureau chiefs are summoned, the government will release information but only on background. The deal is that you agree to their terms or you leave the room before they reveal their news. So of course you stay.

That doesn’t mean you publish their drivel if that is what they serve up. Especially not verbatim.

Using the national security advisor, someone that is supposed to be a non-partisan civil servant to push what can only be described as lies, innuendo and falsehoods to deal with what is clearly a political issue brought on by the penchant for Trudeau’s party to play footsies with extremists is beyond the pale.

This never should have happened.

It is also the very thing that Trudeau says he wants to stamp out, fake news.

Without a hint of irony, at the same time the Trudeau government was peddling their own fake news, Karina Gould, the minister for democratic institutions, was on CBC of all places saying the government is ready to act against fake news.

“Are we going to see something more robust in the next six months? If we don’t see something more robust in the next six months, then we need to take action.”

It would be funny if it were not so damned serious. Here we have a government that is promising to bailout newspapers, that has increased funding to CBC – effectively making all of them less likely to bite the hand that feeds them – now threatening action against what it deems false news.

Did you know that an Indian news executive who was invited to the big reception for Trudeau in New Delhi had his invitation rescinded after publishing critical articles on Trudeau and his government’s coziness with Sikh extremists?

I don’t know about you but I don’t want Trudeau, Butts and Gould deciding what is real and fake news for me anytime soon.


  1. Shared to my fb Im currently blocked from sharing to my groups for sharing the TRUTH
    My ban ends tuesday Ill try to remember to come back and reshare to all my groups this is too good to not share eerywhere Thank you again Brian With much respect from Christine Montreal

  2. I’m sure that most Canadians are deeply shamed by the disrespectful and chaotic actions of Trudeau in India. Also by the actions of bureaucrats who conspire with him. We need a change of government, and fast. We need a leader who supports our allies instead of insulting them, and honest government workers who won’t take a political side to push Justin’s ridiculous fake news.

  3. I can only imagine how this blaming a rogue Indian group will go over in India. If the relationship can get any worse well this would certainly be the clinker.
    Just wanted to mention the threat Trudeau made to facebook. Sounds like a dictator/bully type of action.

  4. Thank you Brian for bringing this story. Nothing really surprises me any more about Trudeau,, he will say and do anything to overcome his stupidity. He is a very dangerous PM and will stop at nothing to silence any dissenting voice.

  5. WaHe wouldn’t know fake news if it hit him in the face.
    The fake news is from CBC CTV that will only publish a bit of his stupidity.
    The real news comes from other countries that see him for what he is…

    2019 kick this fool to the curb.

  6. Trudeau and his fake liberal party can never be trusted . The Conservative Party Leadership has to step up, show some courage and expose Justin Trudeau for what he really is a “FAKE PRIME MINISTER”.He has proven to Canadians and the World his childish state of mind and incapable of leading our Country. Justin trudeau and his corrupt ministers and or advisers have to be removed from government before they turn Canada into a shithole.

  7. Trudeau’s government and governance runs on lies. From the swearing-in of Ministers to the 1st Quota Cabinet (Junior. Ministers suddenly had to be given new titles to meet quotas) to Phoenix to this mess they have blamed the bureaucrats for their mismanagement and pushed them out front to hide behind. Where are the puppet masters led by Gerald Butts we paid hundreds of thousands to move here (from Toronto) to face their inabilities stage centre?

  8. I bet Peter peoplesbridge is glad he retired. That scum bag would have easily given himself away in this charade.

  9. It’s all about the rich and powerful and their attempts to control public information. For all of human history they had it all to themselves. One-way top down information/propaganda dissemination. But now all over the planet, for the first time ever, we have freedom to publish to each other and bypass them. Now we can finally call them out. Trudeau, Merkel, May, Macron, Soros, et al, can’t stand it. They are predictably and frantically grasping at straws to come up with flimsy excuses to censor Internet and take it away from us, “we the people.” Trudeau and Butts must be smoking up a storm trying to figure their way out of this one. But everyone, all of ‘peoplekind”, will be watching.

  10. Trudeau’s Indian Mr. Dressup PR show takes the all time gold medal for “cultural appropriation,” and a silver for disrespect.

  11. I for one am sick and tired of being embarrassed by my own PM. Who in their right mind would wear replicas of the host country’s formal dress? And not just once. We are laughing stocks because of this fool. Now he wants to have power over our freedom of speech, more than just how we refer to people? He has always seen himself in the role of dictator. Too bad he’s just not smart enough to run a country.

  12. “Give a man enough rope . . . .’ Seems to go together with foot-and-mouth disease … in humans anyway.

  13. When trudeau was elected, I was surprised, but I thought, how bad can this really get? We put up with him for four years and hopefully move him along. Surely there are experienced, intelligent people in the party who will guide this young lad and pull his strings to make him dance to their tunes. Now I realize I was wrong… not only do they apparently have no control over him, but I wonder if there is anyone in his circle who has an IQ that crests over from the left side of the Bell curve. The only other conclusion is that they are all incredibly corrupt and evil. I’ve always been concerned about his apparent detached state of conciousness, and his poor decisions and lack of political accumen, but now I’m worried about the true damage this boy is doing, and going to do, to our great country.

    Brian Lilley, keep up the great work. You are making a difference.

  14. I’m pretty sure Hitler started out this way. Slowly taking freedoms and controlling media. Alienating groups of people and well you know the rest is history . This party is evil to the core and has no business being in the FreeWorld !

  15. I wonder what happened to that list of names the Captain gave Trudeau of individuals that India wants extradited…..no doubt a test of Trudeau’s good faith.

  16. CBP,(CBPravda) owes Canadians an apology for lying on behalf of Trudeau. They got caught. Trudeau has the most ignorant staff and Cabinet Canada has EVER had. They are dangerous!

  17. There is fake news reported every time he shows up at a coffee shop, City Hall, anywhere he has gone since he took office. How about the other members of his staff he took along? Why are we not seeing where they were this past week in India? What did they go there for, work or visiting their families on our dime? How about someone reporting the whole story, not just his Tom-foolery and the coverup about who sent out invitations? Why were so many Cabinet Ministers in India if only ONE bad deal was made in ONE evening? Will they be made to pay back what was spent for them to travel? Is Trudeau paying out of pocket for his personal invite of a BC Chef? Taxpayers have a right to know what our money is spent on, by who and how much, and what has our Country benefited from all this spending? Any answers?

  18. Read, and then read Comments. More people have to get this!! Censoring Internet now!! Did anyone ever look into BNA Act? Trudeau HAS to go, ASAP!!
    Seriously, common sense, sense of Patriotism to Canada, & her people! To actually be bringing back into Canada, Canadians who left to be trained by ISIS, to come back & do what? Is all this just a distraction to that fact + the Bills? Dick – traitor, had bros. lol… My name for him now since seeing those red shoes is, HUMPEL! “DANGER AHEAD!!” A teenage mental health issue, a deceptor, never answers questions, so, more or less, liar! issues, greed & power, sickening, embarassment to Canada!! I am not a Citizen of Canada, a Citizen of UK., Landed Immigrant, came with parents, b/c of religious actions in Scotland… One wore their colours at 5 years of age, then & there! Affected employment too.. However, Trudeau is dangerous, maybe a Mental Health Check… Friends with Clintons, Clinton Foundation, now a Trudeau Foundation, being investigated by Ethics Committee, what happened to this one? Oh, enuff… A problem huge when trying to control truth… Evil.

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