Trudeau doubles down on India conspiracy, causes diplomatic rift

When I broke the story on the weekend that it was Trudeau’s national security advisor that first put forward the crazy conspiracy theory that India was out to embarrass our prime minister, I truly thought that Daniel Jean would eventually have to leave his post. Not anymore.

Trudeau is standing by the story that the Indian government, or elements in it, were behind Jaspal Atwal getting onto the VIP invite list for two different events in Mumbai and New Delhi. Of course as you know by now, Atwal was convicted of attempted murder in an assassination plot to take out an Indian cabinet minister in the 1980s.

After first blaming Canada’s High Commissioner to India, then blaming backbench MP Randeep Sarai, the Trudeau PMO brought out his national security advisor under the cloak of anonymity to spin the Indian conspiracy. The Conservatives and NDP are now naming Jean in the House of Commons and while Trudeau won’t acknowledge Jean by name or title, he said in Tuesday that the conspiracy is true. Watch the clip below.

Now I don’t believe the conspiracy and the government has offered no proof.

The Indian government denies it and went to far as to issue an official statement. Here’s what Raveesh Kumar, the spokesman for the Ministry of External Affairs said:

“Let me categorically state that the Government of India, including the security agencies, had nothing to do with the presence of Jaspal Atwal at the event hosted by the Canadian High Commissioner in Mumbai or the invitation issued to him for the Canadian High Commissioner’s reception in New Delhi. Any suggestion to the contrary is baseless and unacceptable.”

That is pretty categorical. Former BC premier and federal Liberal health minister Ujjal Dosanjh tweeted out that if the government won’t release evidence to back up their claims then is nothing more than “balderdash.”

I’d have to agree and many people do but our prime minister is determined to stand by this insane plot idea and few in the media are willing to follow up on this. I’ve seen more TV coverage in Canada of Jared Kushner having his security clearance downgraded at the White House than I have seen of Canada’s PM causing a diplomatic incident with India.


  1. Notable difference between Justin Trudeau and Stephen Harper is that the present PM, has no problem embellishing and mis-representing facts and history to serve his political purpose. He really disrespects everyone who listens to him as he has little to no regard for truth or honesty. His embellishment and grandiose mis-handling of questions during question period, ought to inform Canadians that we do not have a an individual of mature humble character in the PMO. The least he can do is provide an answer to Canadians.

  2. How does Justin Trudeau think he can blame the Indian government for his own slip-up? Surely, most people will recognize that it was up to the Canadian government to check the list of people it invited to an official dinner … and disallow known terrorists or criminals ??? The fact that JT blamed several other people first, and abandoned these scapegoats when these either failed to receive acceptance. or didn’t fit JT’s agenda, says a lot, I think.
    This a serious diplomatic faux-pas … which has the possibility of creating an economic mess in the trade-with-India sense. I wonder if Andrew Scheer will be sending an official note to India’s Prime Minister Modi, stating most Canadians do not agree with Justin Trudeau & Daniel Jean ??? (We don’t all have to save face the way JT does)

  3. Justin has no sense of time, place or history. Would he have gone to Germany wearing leder hosen. The people of India are proud of who they are and how far they have come in such a short time. Trudeau’s pandering was simply embarrassing. Accusing them of planting a convicted asassin on his invited list is insulting to the people of India and Canadians.

  4. Absolutely beyond belief. How can the Liberal MP’s even sit behind him like trained seals as he spouts dangerous lies that everyone knows are lies. If you voted for this man hang your head is shame.

  5. India woke up one day and said we will embarrass cock sock peopleman Justin Trudeau how stupid does Justin Trudeau think we are he is a traitor and should be treated as one

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