Melanie Joly goes Gangnam style!

These Trudeau Liberals sure know how to travel!

Melanie Joly, our heritage minister is headed to China for a cultural trade meeting that starts next week but she couldn’t resist adding on an extra few days in South Korea to learn all she can about K-Pop!

That’s right, the minister is studying Korean pop music as part of an extra four day trip that even her staff told her wasn’t overly valuable.

Here is Joly posting about being in Seoul on her Facebook page.

This story comes to us Le Journal de Quebec which cites memos obtained via access to information requests.

“It is recommended that any decision on a bilateral visit be postponed until a more comprehensive analysis of the Korean market and potential business opportunities for Canadian industries can be completed,” reads the document dated 14 December.

So Joly’s bureaucrats said she shouldn’t go, she went anyway.

I have no problem with politicians overruling the bureaucrats. We elect MPs not crats but I’m not the one who is in a cabinet led by a man that continually stands up and says he believes our great civil servants and implies not listening to their every word is somehow a sin.

Melanie Joly, that would be your boss I’m talking about.

I will ponder what the value is in studying K-Pop for the Canadian music industry though.

That  is no slight against the wildly popular musical genre, I’d just like to point out that Canada does pretty damn well on the international music scene already.

Justin Bieber, The Weeknd, Alessia Cara, Shawn Mendes, Drake. These are artists that not only did well in Canada last year, they dominated American charts and playlists. There is a long history of this.

This trip by Joly, which according to the story by Le Journal, only has four meetings scheduled over four days, seems like another taxpayer funded trip by a well connected Liberal.

They have the fun, you get to pay.


  1. Just another bimbo in the cabinet – spending the tax payers dollar to live the high life.

    Am I the only person in Canada who is getting tired of this?

    In the meantime:

    1. Seniors cannot heat AND eat.
    2. Veterans who are “asking for too much” still sleep in the streets.
    3. The debt is out of control.
    4. The deficit is out of control.
    5. Evil enters Canada daily through her open borders.
    6. Canada invites isis to come and listen to poetry.
    7. Canadians support known terrorists and kidnappers who live here on welfare and benefits.

    East coast Canada voted clean sweep liberals to ensure those welfare provinces could be supported by tax dollars from the west.

    Quebec is overwhelming liberal to ensure they get their share of tax dollars from the west.

    Ontario is a bad province supporting the liberals but might yet turn around.

    And the west is going broke.

    As a veteran with six tours to the sand, I now support the destruction and division of Canada – let those eastern bastards starve.

    You can only spend other people’s money until they go broke – and Canada as a whole is definitely broke -not only cash wise, but morally and ethically.

    I am ashamed of my country.

    And that is something I never thought I would say.

    • I live in Ontario but whole heartedly agree with every word of yours! The liberals love whipping our wallets out for whatever whimsical and inane idea that floats through their empty skulls!

    • As a U.S. citizen, I thank you for your service to your country. Your sacrifice in time and health are appreciated by those that understand. Don’t be ashamed. It is known that those that seek power do so for their own sake. This is nothing new. Only standing up and making noise like you do will ever do anything to change it. Don’t stop what you’re doing.

    • In total agreement. But you forgot their thought control with their attestation policy, cancelling free speech, and an increase in gun control ONLY for law abiding subjects. Oh, and with C75, criminals will face LESS of a sentence once caught. We are so being set up.

    • I agree with most of what you said. BUT I live on the East Coast (New Brunswick) Born and raised in Ontario but we had to leave. If we had stayed … well lets just say cardboard box comes to mind for living quarters. We live on a Work Pension, no handouts no welfare … nothing but our hard earned money. Here we can do that. I DID NOT Vote for this Child. I said from the beginning he was riding Daddy’s coattails. When talking politics there are so many that stated they DID NOT Vote for this idiot and yet here he is. He needs to be removed from Office NOW, not at election time. He has caused a rift between the peoples of Canada one grouping at a time. I have never heard so much hatred and disdain from so many towards so many. Canada used to be a love filled Country – I do not feel (or see) the love anymore. People are complaining about the illegal immigrants crossing into Canada. They cannot pay their own bills and yet are to welcome everyone with open arms … and pocket book. When a woman in Nova Scotia had to drive 5 hours for a 15 min Doctors appointment……………….. I am so fed up I am almost beyond caring 🙁

    • BZ, I feel for you. You speak the truth. I am sure as a former soldier once on the lines to protect this former great country you are no doubt equally appalled at this barbiedoll-opportunist trolloping through South Korea at the taxpayer expense to study K-pop, while our Canadian men and women of the service are being deployed to the dangerous Mali region. It certainly feels to me that this government never misses an opportunity to demonstrate utter contempt for the very Canadians who pay for their exorbitant salaries and elaborate play-dates.

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