Border chaos and the illegal immigration budget payoff

So a few stories related to our border, the continuing illegal immigration crisis and the nearly $200 million you likely didn’t know was being spent to process more illegals this year.

First off, a great story from National Post confirms what so many of us knew by instinct. When Justin Trudeau tweeted a welcome to the world’s refugees, people took it serious.

According to the story from Marie-Danielle Smith, Trudeau’s tweet saw embassies overwhelmed with requests.

“We are receiving an increasing number of enquiries from the public about requesting refugee status in Canada, and a number clearly having links with our Prime Minister’s tweet this weekend,” wrote one Canadian official at the embassy in Mexico.

While appearing on my radio show Beyond the News, Conservative MP Michelle Rempel, who serves as immigration critic, said not only do these numbers not surprise her, the flood of illegal immigration continues.

Citing government statistics, Rempel said 3,000 people crossed the border illegally to seek asylum in Canada in January and February alone. Numbers for March are not yet available but she expects the pattern to follow what happened last year when the numbers increased as the weather got warmer.

You can listen to the interview here.

During the interview, Rempel dropped something on me that I hadn’t heard about. In the latest federal budget there is a paragraph devoted to spending an extra $173 million this year on processing illegal immigration.

The wording is interesting.

Irregular Migration: Managing the Border

The Government of Canada is committed to protecting the safety of Canadians and keeping our borders secure. At the same time, people seeking asylum must be treated with compassion and afforded due process under Canadian and international law, and in keeping with our values as an open and welcoming country. To that end, the Government proposes to provide $173.2 million to support security operations at the Canada-U.S. border and the processing of asylum claimants arriving in 2018–19. Funding would be used to manage the increased number of people seeking asylum in Canada this year, many of whom arrive with their families seeking quick, safe and compassionate processing. Funds would be used to provide short term processing and security screening supports at the border, as well as to support decision-making capacity for the Immigration and Refugee Board.

First off, note the use of the term irregular migration. Let’s be blunt, these are mostly economic migrants walking across the border illegally because they know they wouldn’t qualify under the regular immigration system as refugees. Crossing illegally buys them a few years in Canada before they ever face the possibility of deportation.

Secondly, while the government says this is about securing the border, when you read the description their idea of securing the border is putting more people along the border to process those that are coming in illegally.

This was reported sporadically in the days after the budget but not by many media outlets and several of the stories I read mentioned it in passing and said the government was securing the border. Faster processing of paperwork is not securing anything.

Canada has a fairly well functioning immigration system and support for legal immigration remains fairly high, especially compared to other countries.

But if Canada ignores the lessons of other countries that support will erode if the government does nothing to actually deal with this problem and stop the flow of border jumpers.

  • Time to take the army, small as it is, and protect the border. Nothing gets in.

    THAT would be a REAL peace keeping mission.

    Canada is becoming a world wide welfare state and sooner or later will go broke.

    Wait until the citizens of this country start paying the complete welfare costs of the next 1.2 million “takers” that the lieberals are bringing in.

  • As I read in a different news article comment section – Trump sends military troops to help secure their border while Trudeau sends the RCMP to be bellhops. That says it all!

  • Canada as we used to know it is disappearing before our eyes. We are rapidly becoming a global “village” in the global world agenda being pushed by those who are seeking “one-world” government. We no longer will be Canadian citizens, but global “peons” bowing and grovelling at the feet of the global “masters.”
    Our liberties are slowly being stripped from us by the socialist agenda of this Liberal government. The writing is on the wall! It is just a matter of time!

  • Then why hasn’t the lib mps and their media have not accepted illegal refugees into their homes?
    Any citizen who are faced with illegals at their doorstep should take them to the nearest liberal mp or the nearest liberal media outlet saying ” the media and the liberal mps would gladly take you in,they will do anything for justin”.

  • Citizens, it is about time the liberals and their media take their own medicine! Deliver illegal refugees to their doors whether at home office or wherever they may be with a token of words ” here are your illegals take care of them yourselves and leave our law abiding citizens alone. We did not ask for them–YOU DID.”

  • Trudeau’ in my opinion has removed any doubt of his ability to do his job and ensure the safety/security, economic growth of Canada. This PM and his party must be run out of office now – not next month or next year-now.

  • Justene Turdeau is a puppet of the Laurentien elite.he will never be anything Butt a pretend Prime Minister as long as the real PM Gerry Butts is calling the shots.