The truth on Roxham Road and the border crisis

I’ve been writing about the border crisis for some time now, recent columns on the issue include pointing out the massive budget increase for processing the asylum seekers crossing into Canada illegally, Trudeau deciding to deal with the influx by moving many people from Quebec to Ontario and also Trudeau deciding that he can simply blame Conservatives for his crisis.

My friend Candice Malcolm has also been documenting this crisis and issue for the Toronto Sun.

This week, while attending a conference in Montreal, Malcolm took a side trip to the site of all these troubles, Roxham Road itself.

Roxham Road is such a typical site along the Canada-US border. It is a road that used to cross over without a border guard, a practice long since ended.

But over the last 18 months it has become the focal point of illegal immigration into Canada. I keep hearing from supporters of the illegal border crossers that they are not illegal, they are asylum seekers. Let me correct that false idea.

In order to get into the asylum system after crossing the border at an “irregular” crossing, the person must be arrested. Why are they arrested? For crossing the border illegally.

If they don’t do that, they can’t make a claim.

Anyway, Malcolm joined me on my radio show on Friday night to describe what she saw, it is worth the listen.

Just after she got off the phone with me she also did a live video on Periscope where she showed some of the photos she was talking about, like the one above that shows a permanent building under construction.


Last year it was more than 20,000 illegal crossings, this year we are on track for triple that amount, 60,000 unless something changes.

I’ve been saying for a while that Trudeau and his government need to deal with this issue and soon but I’ve become convinced that they don’t want a solution that stops the border crisis, they want to use it as a wedge issue in the next election.

    • Where they can become voters voting for whichever party will support them with public funds and invite their relatives and friends to come to Canada to become voter for whichever party …

    • Better yet, send/buss illegals to every liberal,ndp mps’ homes and offices and to every liberal media outlets where they(illegas) can be looked after and let see how fast the mps and reporters react to all this invasion at their doorsteps. I AM SERIOUS. And never forget about that useless Trudeau’s very own palace where he lives.

  • of course the CBC wouldn’t report it! This is SERIOUS! These people have no reason to come here! There are not coming from a third world country! People have to be aware! Why does Candice Malcolm feel bad for these people that are coming across the border? Why does your heart bleed for them? You say that you feel so sorry for the kids? Another thing that really bothers me is how everyone is muzzled – like the border guards or the RCMP who greet these people who are coming into Canada illegally!

  • According to the crime minister, trudope, they are not illegal to him they are irregular immigrants. He needs to be admitted to an insane asylum. He’s not fit to be the leader of this country!

  • Wake up Brian and Candice! This is all by design…….this is not Justin Trudeau and the liberals……this is Justin Trudeau and the globalists…….ALL of this is by design. You have no idea the depth of evil that resides in the PMO! Wake up!

  • Although it’s about more than money, the added cost of this kind of silver spoon socialism is unwarranted and unnecessary. Striking at the core of young and not so young gullible voters is a popular trick for all political parties, yet the music plays on with gleeful support and nary a peep from the treasury or central bankers that further screw up the taxpayer through “gliding” increases over time to any mechanism that can be created to assuage the inevitable outrage. All of this perfectly obfuscated by mainstream and largely taxpayer funded media for their own selfish ends. It’s enough to make any clearheaded 65 yo white male, self employed Canadian Puke!

  • This problem is ALL on Justin Trudeau – he is the one who INVITED ILLEGAL border crossings into Canada with his IDIOTIC tweets about Canada being a ‘welcoming and inclusive’ Country – and NOW Justin Trudeau wants to blame Stephen Harper for this MESS – I don’t think so Justin – THIS WAS ENTIRELY CREATED BY YOU !