Trudeau’s solution to Quebec’s border crossing crisis, send them to Ontario

We have an answer to the question I posed last week, where will the refugee camp be this summer when the flow of illegal immigrants spikes in the warm weather. Last summer we watched as government officials turned Olympic Stadium in Montreal into a make-shift refugee centre and then eventually they set up an actual refugee camp near the Lacolle border crossing.

This year, the answer will be Ontario.

According to the Toronto Star, the federal government will ship asylum seekers to Ontario, if that is where they want to go.

“Starting next week, asylum-seekers arriving through the Canada-United States border could be fast-tracked to shelters and services in Ontario if that is their preferred destination.”

Excuse me? Preferred destination?

I thought these were asylum seekers. Now I know the vast majority are economic migrants looking to jump the queue but when did it become the job of the federal government to transport them to their preferred destination?

After Quebec asked for help last week in dealing with the border crisis, I knew the Trudeau government would act in some way, I just didn’t expect it to be this. Trudeau’s home province has been complaining that they are paying for the social services of vast majority of the current wave of asylum seekers, people showing up over what Quebec pointed out was a federal problem.

Our porous border.

Rather than take the obvious step of closing the border and stopping these illegal crossings, Trudeau and his Liberals will spread the problem around.

Look, I get Quebec complaining. Of the 20,593 people that the RCMP intercepted crossing the border illegally last year, 18,836 crossed into Quebec. And so a federal problem has become a provincial one as this influx of people needed housing, clothing and social assistance has put a strain on Quebec’s system.

Trudeau wants to spread that around now. To Ontario.

There is a reason the border crossings are happening in Quebec and no, it has nothing to do with Montreal declaring itself a sanctuary city. Toronto, Hamilton and other cities have done the same thing. The simple reason is that there is an organized network of people that arrange travel, going so far as to pick people up at JFK or LaGuardia airports in New York City as these asylum seekers arrive in the United States and then immediately drive them north to Roxham Road where they can walk across the border.

You can’t walk across Lake Ontario to Toronto.

This is a problem in need of a real solution. Last year was a record year, by far, for these types of illegal crossings and it strained the system. This year the numbers have increased threefold each month and show no signs of abating.

At this point last year government officials say there were about 2,000 people at Roxham Road, now it is more than 6,000. Will we actually crack 60,000 illegal crossings, almost all at one location, almost all coming from organized groups, before Trudeau acts?

I fear the answer is yes.

Liberals keep saying these people are not illegal immigrants or illegal border crossers and yet the first thing that happens to them, the thing that must happen to them, is the RCMP arrests them for…..crossing the border illegally. Without that, they can’t get in the system and the people coming across know that.

I think Justin Trudeau actually wants this problem to grow and fester so he can use it as a political wedge.

Picture him in the next election warning about the perils of electing what he will describe as the anti-immigrant Conservatives. He will portray his position as kind, compassionate and open to immigration.

Tell that to the family in Delhi, Beijing or Boston that filled out the forms and is waiting their turn to come in legally.


  1. What other Canadian laws can we ignore?
    Immigration and border laws can be ignored now, colour of skin permitting, of course.

  2. Donald Trump is cleaning home while canada picks up the garbage.

    This massive invasion is and should be a UN problem not the country itself.
    Real refugees follow protocol by finding refuge in embassies, churches and other legitimate organization from where legal process takes place between countries in order to resettle the refugee/s. But not this.
    NO refugee fleeing from their government is going to mingle in pursuit to illegally enter into a country in the midst of terrorists who were sent by their goverment to invade canada. NO REFUGEE WILL WALK THE SAME ROAD WITH THEIR OWN ENEMY.

  3. This own mess was purposely created by the THE TRUDEAU GOV AND THE MEDIA and they and they alone will be held responsible for the outcome that will fall upon us legal law abiding citizens.

  4. With a new premier elected in Ontario, that will not be an easy task for Trudeau and his gang. Obviously Trudeau and his cabinet are trying to save seats in the East, since they know they have lost the west, and these criminals at the border is a wedge issue he cannot win.

  5. Brian,

    I agree with you on this. This is all a planned (poorly) opportunity to create problems and wedge issues for the Liberal government to “solve” and benefit from politically. They are too short-sighted to see the long term negative effects on immigrants following the rules, our relations with the USA, and the world. The final problem is importing violence, racism and issues from other countries.

  6. So, if Ontario were to pass a law that said only a twenty four pack, oops, I mean a certain number of illegal aliens could be importe into the province, what would the Supreme Court say?

  7. Or, better yet, we could just close to the border to the families in Beijing, Delhi, and Boston and everywhere else and stop turning Canada into Beijing and Delhi.

    Nah, that’ll never happen. Conservatives want the cheap labor just as much as the Liberals want the votes.

  8. Send every illegal refugee you encounter to every media, reporters, liberal mps homes and offices including JUSTIN TRUDEAU.
    Send them and leave them with a note
    ” take care of your mess and leave us law abiding citizens ALONE.”

  9. Trudeau may find that his open border policy may backfire on him. It’s well known that he doesn’t pay much attention to certain views. It’s possible that by doing so, he’s missed the level of anger that’s out here. That level is high. People all across Canada are angry, and I mean super angry. I’m talking about the type of anger that affects their health even. We want our borders closed to people just walking across. People want immigration, but controlled, legal immigration. So this issue could very well backfire on him, because there’s so much anger about this, and particularly in light of what he told our veterans.

    • What I think will hurt him is legit refugees seem to be taking a back seat to American ones.

  10. Trudeau can’t do the obvious and send them back. They are his future voters. He even amended the Elections Act to let most of them vote. So now, he has a problem finding them all a place to live. And so now, he’s going to expand HIS problem into Ontario. If Rob Ford becomes the next premier, don’t bet on that succeeding. It’s time the prime minister started paying for and figuring out solutions to the problems he created.

  11. I think the feds plans to flood Ottawa and the Gta with refugees to make sure they have Ontario locked up.

  12. What planet are the trudeau liberals from comment.The Trudeau liberals are giving wrong doers the rights and pay offs! Meanwhile the honest ,honerable.hard working,dissabled.seneors,war vets and and are left at the back of the line with minimal assistance and longer waits.Shunning proud Canadians over non Canadians is the liberal way?

  13. Canada, we really respect your Country, America did not send these illegals to you, your Prime Minister welcomed them all no matter what religion or color.

    good luck, next time don’t vote in a numb skull like we did with Obama. Find yourself a Great President……………like our’s now.

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