WATCH: Trudeau blames Conservatives for border crisis

Justin Trudeau's inaction on the border is costing Canadian taxpayers plenty.

Officials now say we could see as many as 400 people a day crossing over the Roxham Road illegal border crossing. Justin Trudeau’s answer, blames the Conservatives.

We all know how this flood of illegal immigrants, queue jumpers, started, it was with the PM’s infamous tweet.

That tweet sparked the current border crisis, don’t take it from me, take it from the officials working in the system who watched as things took off, all based on the PM’s tweet in January 2017.

Now questioned about the border crisis and what he will do to fix it, Trudeau responds to question after question from Conservative leader Andrew Scheer by saying it is all the fault of the Conservatives.

What will Trudeau do to stop the rising numbers? Blames the Conservatives.

What will Trudeau say to families following the rules to come to Canada as other jump the line? Blame the Conservatives.

That would appear to be Trudeau’s only answer except we know that isn’t the case. Last week it leaked out that Trudeau’s government plans to deal with this problem, and Quebec being overwhelmed with the majority of the illegal border crossers, by sending people to Ontario.

The bottom line is Justin Trudeau has no real solution other than passing blame and spreading the problem around while watching it grow.

Last year more than 20,000 people crossed illegally into Canada, more than 18,000 in Quebec alone. This year the numbers are on track to being three times higher, we could hit 60,000 illegal crossings, all people claiming asylum while really being economic migrants that don’t want to follow the rules.

It’s time for real answers and a real solution to this growing problem.


    • Dunno, lately the Mounties seem more suited to be bellhops, mostly incompetent as police. Plus, they already have the snazzy red bellhop uniforms.

  • And worse Trudeau’s idea of helping these illegal migrants to house them in tent cities throughout Quebec. What is he planning on doing this winter? How much is it costing us? And not to sound callous but what benefit, if any, are these people offering Canada?

  • I have a question:
    what’s going to happen first, the next fed (up?) election, or enough disastrous trudeauisms to clobber the lieberals chances of winning said election?

  • The laws are there and simple to enforce; escort the illegals to the nearest border crossing and turn them over to the CBSA …

    CBSA Agent, “Where are you arriving from?”
    Illegal Immigrant, “The USA”
    CBSA Agent, “How did you arrive here?”
    Illegal Immigrant, “I entered Canada at the border”
    CBSA Agent, “At a legal border crossing?”
    Illegal Immigrant, “No.”
    CBSA Agent, “Again, how did you arrive here?”
    Illegal Immigrant, “The RCMP arrested me and brought me here”
    CBSA Agent, “So you entered Canada illegally?”
    Illegal Immigrant, “Yes”
    CBSA Agent, “You have broken the law by entering Canada illegally. Your entry is thereby denied and you are now banned from entering Canada – ever. Follow the officers. They will escort you back to the United States ….. And have a nice day.”

    • We watch the show border security and access is denied to someone coming for a visit who has a criminal record.
      Yet thousands are crossing into Canada with no kind of personal security questions.

  • I truly believe he is enjoying this drama acting in the House of Commons. The attacks are increasing on the Conservative party and it’s leader Andrew Scheer. What does this mean, I believe Justin Trudeau is getting very concerned with his popularity percentage declining. Sad to say but I now believe the Kinder Morgan pipe line expansion will be cancelled, and then George Soros has Alberta Oil Land locked, which will kill the Alberta economy. Justin is finishing up the job his father didn’t complete in 1982. Canada will be dismantled by October 21, 2019. Sad time for Canada and the citizens didn’t even understand what is going on, maybe we don’t deserve this country?