Poll shows Trudeau’s Liberals would be wiped out west of Quebec

The news that the latest Angus Reid poll would see the Conservatives take 40% of the popular vote to the Liberals 30% is a surprising story, almost as surprising as millennial voters fleeing the Liberals to the Conservatives.

But the big news lies in the regional breakdowns which show a near wipe out for the Liberals west of Quebec.

The Angus Reid Institute poll surveyed 5,423 Canadians between March 6-15, 2018. That is a big poll and that means big regional breakdowns with smaller margins of error, meaning if they are paying attention the big brains at Liberal HQ should be sweating.

The regional numbers show the Liberals remain strong in Atlantic Canada, that they have weakened in Quebec and would lose a massive amount of seats in Ontario.

Take a look at this chart from the poll.

Angus Reid pegs Liberal support in Quebec at just 27%, the NDP and Conservatives at 23% a piece. That would likely see the Liberals lose some seats. But next door in Ontario, where the Liberals currently hold 80 of 121 seats, things are looking down for Trudeau’s party.

With Scheer and the Conservatives taking 45% support to the Liberals 31% it is likely that the LPC and CPC could change seat counts, meaning 80 or so for the Conservatives and 33 for the Liberals. That would be a 47 seat drop for the Liberals.

In Manitoba where the Liberals hold 7 of 14 seats they would likely hold at least 5 of them in and around Winnipeg but drop at least two.

The Saskatchewan numbers are bad enough that Ralph Goodale could be wiped out and in Alberta, say goodbye to the four seats they picked up last time even without the claims of sexual misconduct against Hehr and Kang.

Which brings us to British Columbia where it is a tighter race but with the NDP holding a respectable 22% support to the Conservatives at 33% and 32% for the Liberals I would expect the Liberals to hold some seats in Vancouver and lose in the suburbs on vote splits to the Conservatives. The rest of the province would be divided between the Conservatives and NDP.

The Liberals have been focused on Justin Trudeau’s personal popularity, which is waning. They were able to bank on Quebec and Atlantic Canada with some strong showings elsewhere, that has all dissipated.

As I told Shachi Kurl, Executive Director of the Angus Reid Institute, no party can win a majority with just Atlantic Canada.

Listen to the interview here.


  • … Trudeau was the rise of the Left the past few years, and he is now the coming crash of the Left. He is the end of an incredibly irresponsible era of incompetent cosmetic politicians.
    … Play time is over.

  • You forgot the media, they are the driving force in keeping the liberals in gov. Without the media support the liberals have no chance of winning.
    Mind you, after Trudeau finishes Canada to suit his own ends the next party will have a troubling task in cleaning and restoring Canada to her original status.

    • Exactly.
      Citizens realize that CBC-Radio-Canada is biased pro-Liberal federal and what they say must be verified properly !!! And also what they do not say !!!

    • Unfortunately, no matter where the liberals go financial disaster follows .. Especially if he is a trudeau ( just look what his late father pierre trudeau
      did to canada and our level of debt and taxes )

  • You would think the east coast welfare provinces would man up – but then again they like living on the public teat.

    Quebec has never been much of a supporter of Canada but it loves the free cash.

    If there is ever a separation referendum – I will vote to separate from Canada – the east as a whole are simply sucking the well dry.


  • All Trudeau needs to carry on playing Santa to the world is Ontario and Quebec and as we have seen with Wynn, you can never underestimate the stupidity of the average voter. Starting early next year the empty promises and progressive nonsense will gather full steam, with the CBC Pravda fanning the flames for anything Trudeau. Too early to write him off but maybe Canada could hold the same election surprise that Trump gave the USA. One can only hope.

  • I’d like to know who the foolish 19% are in Alberta who’d still vote for the liberals. Must be eastern transplants.