Scheer goes to the border, Trudeau’s team sneers

Andrew Scheer visits the border at Roxham Road

The Liberals don’t have a border plan and they don’t want one. Well that isn’t quite true, as I’ve written before they want to keep the border crisis going so they can use the influx of illegal immigrants as a wedge issue.

I firmly believe that next summer, as the election heats up, this border crisis will still be a going concern and the Liberals will use it as a wedge issue. Anyone that doesn’t support people crossing from the United States illegally will be portrayed as a racist.

While the Liberals don’t want action, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer does.

Scheer went to the border this weekend to see what is happening first hand. He even recorded a video message.

The response from Justin Trudeau’s team? Sneering.

Gerry Butts tweeted against reality on the border issue.

Well funny enough, Canada’s civil servants do.

I’ve written about this in the past, National Post dug up the documents. Civil servants at various border locales said Trudeau’s tweet resulted in a spike in requests to come to Canada.

We can also simply look at the numbers.

Prior to Trudeau’s tweet the numbers were low, after the tweet the number of people crossing the border increased significantly.

None of this is bothersome to Trudeau. He knows that his supporters will have his back no matter what he does. Those of us that complain about the problem now are already branded racists.

Yet there is a possible fly in the ointment for Trudeau.

This border problem is incredibly unpopular in Quebec where the bulk of the illegal crossings are happening. If he keeps this up it could cost him seats in a province that rewarded him richly in the last election.

That may be the only thing that get him to act. It definitely won’t be doing what is right.




  • Like question period….ask him any question and if he answers at all ( remember the questions about the ethics commissioner) he just blames it on Harper…

  • While being used as a wedge issue works for him, your first assumption was right. he doesn’t want a border at all. That fits better with agenda 2030

  • Given President Donald Trump’s spontaneous & unpredictable temperament, along with the childish & vindictive actions & reactions of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, a chronological replay of this post-G7 Twitter-fight between Trump & JT would be appreciated: it would clarify what happened when, and who irritated whom (or who insulted whom first!) … and was anything justified? Also, was it all PUBLIC?

  • It’s not just people jumping the que to get in first…. They KNOW they’ll get FREE medical attention, FREE dental, FREE housing, FREE education, FREE food and they know after such a back log they’ll get to stay even though THEY ARE ILLEGAL, these people DO NOT qualify for asylum status. We the tax payers are getting screwed over paying for Trudaeus irresponsible tweet which the fool still stands by. If not he personally would tweet different but he won’t. The liberals are proving beyond a shadow of a doubt they no longer possess morals with how this cabinet is allowing the country to be run.

  • I’m not thankful for the work the RCMP do. As far as I’m concerned if they’re not shooting them when they cross they’re not doing their job. The RCMP are absolutely useless.

  • Based on past performancesearches, he will get emotional,read from a script of cliches and look handsome. We elected a drama teacher and it shows.

  • All those illegals are his voters and he will disperse to every province whether they like it or not, so he can keep his base while maintaining his influx of voters.

  • I will be portrayed as a racist and Trudeau will be remembered as a brain dead moron.

  • Trudeau could save a lot of money, he could hire Boy Scouts and girl Guide’s to act as ambassadors to welcome all his new friend’s to this great giving Country. This would allow our police to do the job they were hired to do, saving hour’s of overtime, also the new ambassadors would be able to earn merit badge’s.

  • According to the radio tonight – CFRA – Canada let in 88,000 illegals over the last four months. All assisted by the Royal Canadian Baggage Handlers.

    That works out to more than 88 million bucks a month to support a bunch of welfare free loaders that will never amount to anything.

    Coming to take the freebies.

    Welcome to Canuckistan.