Stats Can job numbers show how little Trudeau’s India deal means

Not to belabour a point but when Justin Trudeau announced the “big” business deal in India boasting of 5,800 jobs over several years I said it didn’t amount to much in the grand scheme of things.

Trudeau supporters huffed and puffed over that assessment saying it was valuable and thousands of jobs coming to Canada was a really big deal. The truth is it isn’t a big deal in this economy and today’s jobs report from Stats Canada backs up my point on this.

“Employment was little changed in February (+15,000),” reads the first line of the February jobs report. Think about that 15,000 jobs added in a single month and Stats Canada calls that “little changed.”

How would they rate 5,800 jobs added over several years? They wouldn’t. It would be a rounding error.

Look, for the people getting those jobs this will be good news but in a large and dynamic economy like Canada’s that number of jobs doesn’t register in a month when it comes to economic growth, why would it register when spread over several years.


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