Now Al Gore campaigns for Kathleen Wynne?

First it was Bill Nye the Science Guy campaigning for Justin Trudeau, now we have Al Gore campaigning for Kathleen Wynne and her Ontario Liberals in Toronto.
If there was any doubt that this was a campaign event and not a government of Ontario event just look at Gore’ tweet.

As if that were not enough, Wynne tweeted in a similar way and linked to her campaign style Facebook page called Wynne Fans. Doesn’t sound like a Government of Ontario site does it?

So what are we to make of this?

Is this the new normal that American fake scientist folks like Al Gore and Bill Nye come north to campaign for their favourite left wing politicians? We have laws against foreign interference in our elections and it should stop what are blatant campaign events described as government events.

Like Nye, Gore is not a scientist though he tried to pass himself off as “sciencey” in his movie An Inconvenient Truth.  Remember that movie won an Oscar, not a scientific award. In fact the film had so many errors that a British judge ruled that it could only be shown to school children if the errors were exposed and an alternative view presented.

No alternative view for Gore who famously has made a fortune off of climate change initiatives while flying around the world, using a full motorcade when he lands and living in energy sucking homes while lecturing the little guy.


  1. I work in health care. When i see overflowing emergency rooms, overworked personal support workers in nursing homes, and hospital bed shortages I can always remind myself that these lovely seniors (the so-called Grey Rush) in health care) must be delighted with all the money going to windmills in Ontario. They all must be so impressed with Gore’s concerns for their future.

    Or not.

  2. These two are on top of the dumb and dumber list. It is unfortunate that so many liberals accept this garbage without question! Is this event at a school? Who is paying Gore?

  3. I have no doubt Nye’s visit was no freebie, but ultimately paid for by the lowly taxpayer. Nor is there any doubt in my mind that Al Gore’s speaking fee (estimated to be in the US$100k range) was picked up by that same taxpayer, either through Ryerson University or a “donation” to Wynne’s Lieberals. They have no shame

  4. If big Al is in town, it would explains the snow and suddenly cold weather. The Gore effect is one the most predictable meteorological events.

  5. Hmm, is this what they call American meddling in our provincial election? My message to Gore is this. Get on your jet and go back where you came from and stop spreading lies to scare people into voting for an incompetent person who has proved her incompetency over and over again.

  6. Oh ya…Al GORE , David Suzuki, Bill Nye the Science Guy…and Bimbo Wynne the clown, along with her circus trained & chained She-male JT …Big Party in Toronto Last night! What a HANGOVER on the tax payers carbon tax dime???!!!

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