Will Trudeau apologize to the “ambulance chasers” after McClintic move?

Justin Trudeau responds to questions on the Trans Mountain pipeline purchase.

Child killer and rape enabler Terri-Lynne McClintic is back in a somewhat prison.

That’s a good thing even if the Edmonton Women’s Institute isn’t what most people would consider hard time. It has to be better than a healing lodge with no fences.

It took the Trudeau government weeks to fix this when it could have been done in a day. The solution the Liberals chose, changing the rules for who qualifies to go into healing lodges, was one of the solutions put forward by the Conservatives at the beginning of this ordeal.

This could have been fixed more than a month ago.

Instead Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spent weeks attacking those that thought Tori Stafford’s murderer being in a healing lodge was wrong. Trudeau claimed that if you didn’t agree with McClintic being in the healing lodge that you didn’t believe in the justice system, that you didn’t believe in the independence of the courts.

Eventually he threw out the term ambulance chasers to describe his opponents.

Will we be getting an apology now?

When I asked that question on Twitter the other day, Trudeau’s defenders said that the PM ahead done what he promised. They said that Trudeau had promised a review and delivered on that with the changes.

Well yes and no.

Trudeau did promise a review but he also attacked those demanding the egregious error of McClintic being in a healing lodge.

He didn’t have to do that?

The PM could have simply repeated that the case was under review and that he would get back to them.

That would have been the classy thing to do, the statesmanlike thing to do.

Trudeau has a pattern of behaviour.

But these attacks by Trudeau in the McClintic case are par for the course with this government.

Disagree with Trudeau and Gerry Butts just might call you an Nazi. If a woman disagrees with this government then Bill Morneau might call her a Neanderthal.

There are plenty of examples of this attitude from the Trudeau government. I detailed them last week when the PM was caught on camera telling students that he and his Liberals are serious and respectful while the opposition likes to shout.

Trudeau likes to talk about doing positive politics and is very much opposed to divisiveness. Yet he is the biggest practitioner of divisive politics in the country.

He warned the coming election would be the nastiest in history.

If so it will be due to Trudeau and insults he throws.